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Tandav season 2: Cast, plot, release date, updates

Tandav: A Mega Bollywood star cast in the faces of Indian Politics.

Tandav Season 2 is been one of the eagerly waiting series for the audience who have watched Tandav season 1. As Tandav is a series that is mainly based on Indian Politics. And even one of the controversial series for this year.

Also, Director of the series, ali abbas zafar has even said that he has already developed a script for season 2.

Tandav Season 2 Cast

There should be no change in the starcast of season 2 as per season 1.

Saif Ali Khan roled as Samar Pratap Singh.

Sunil Grover roled as Gurpal Singh .

Dimple kapadia roled as Anuradha Kishore .

Sarah-Jane Dias roled as Ayesha Pratap Singh.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub roled as Shiva shekhar .

Kritika kamra roled as sana mir

Kumud Mishra roled as Gopal Das Munshi .

Anup Soni roled as Kailash Kumar

tandav sesaon 2

Gauhar Khan as Maithali Sharan .

tandav season 2 cast

Tandav Season 2  Plot

tandav season 2 plot

Tandav is a poli-dramatic series. As per the previous season, the new season will continue the scenes around acquiring the position of the Prime Minister of the country. On the other side, the importance of Youth power in politics has been described. Which also, enhances the interest of the youth in Indian Politics.

Tandav Season 2 release Date

tandav season 2 release date

Tandav Season 1 was released in January this year. But the director, Ali Abbas Zafar has already developed a script for season 2. Besides that, there has been no official announcement by the director or the OTT platform Amazon Prime. Where Season 1 and season 2 have been released.

Furthermore, it is suspected that season 2 will have a release in late 2022. And will have the same thriller and entertainment alike in Tandav season 1.

Amazon Prime Tandav season  1

Tandav, a thriller, entertaining, and suspense-holding web series presented by Amazon prime. Also, it been one of the favorite series for people who have keen on politics.

In acting this time we see saif Ali khan in a very decent role. A politician that is, for the first time in Bollywood. The main attention seeker role is played by Sunil Grover as Gurpal Singh. Because it makes us feel that Sunil Grover has completely increased his levels in front of the big screen. The audience seems to be very much impressed by this work of Sunil Grover.

Watch season 1 here.


  1. What is the story of tandav?

    Tandav Season 1 is all about being the PM of the country where the party JLD is being elected by the 3 terms of the election in the country and Devki Nandan i.e. father of Samar pratap singh has been the PM of the country but a sudden demise of Devki Nandan takes the turn and the people around them starts fighting for the position of the PM of the country and also shows pros and cons of the Indian Politics.

  2. Is tandav a good series?

    Tandav is absolutely a good series to binge watch for the people who have an intrest in the politics . It have a thriller, suspense and drama which makes a absolute point to watch .

  3. Is tandav a family show?

    Tandav has some scenes where there is use of foul language, drug use and sensual scenes but as things are being common now on the OTT platform , as compared to other series Tandav have very less amount of use of this things which makes it a family show to watch on .

  4. Is tandav hit or flop?

    Tandav is the series that has a different genre that is poli-dramatic, this type of series is being liked on the basis of the choices of the people who watch on . Ali abbas zafar has made the best try to make a new position on OTT platform but audience feels something lacking in the series . A one time watch would be the best suggestion for the series.

  5. Why is tandav rated so low?

    Amazon Prime Tandav season 1 has been rated 3.7/10 on IMDb and acquired 58% likes from the google platform. The storyline of the series almost goes around the imagination of the audience , somewhere the dialogues could have been done in the better way. So that rather audience may find it interesting rather than boring at some place in the series.

  6. Will there be tandav season 2?

    Absolutely, the director of the series, Ali abbas zafar, has even said that he has already developed a script for Tandav  season 2.

  7. How many episode tandav have been released?

    Tandav has released 1 season for now which has 9 episodes included in it. where each episode is between 25-40 minutes of timing. The 9 episodes released are Tanashah, Aazaadi, Chandragupta, left se right, Jeevan aur mrityu, babool ka ped, dhappa, Tandav, khel.

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