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THE CALL Movie review: Is it worth watching?

THE CALL Movie review: Is it worth watching?


The call

South Korean films have a huge following because of their dark, thrilling, and delightfully unpredictable movies. There is always something new in every movie this industry comes up with and this surprises me each and every time. The Call is one such South Korean movie that has gotten released on 27th November 2020 on Netflix.

If I have to describe this movie in a word I’d say BRILLIANT. A movie that is going to leave you in awe with its unusual story and turn of events that you could never imagine. The call is one of the few time travel movies that is going to get you to the edge of your seat with its thrilling, scary, and unpredictable story.

The call: Plot

The call


The film sets off with Seo-Yeon moving into a house that her father had initially planned on buying. After she had lost her phone on the way, she finds a cordless phone while looking through the stuff in that house. Well, this incident brings about an unprecedented change in her life. She begins receiving mysterious calls from a woman named Young-sook. This is when they both realize that they’re living in the same house but are 20 years apart.

While this call continues, Young-sook learns about the death of Seo-Yeon’s father and tells that she could save him. Everything comes back to normal after this and Seo-Yeon starts living her life with her newly found happiness. During this, Seo-Yeon is unable to spend the same amount of time with young-sook over a call like before. This is when the movie depicts the other side of young-sook. This woman goes on to become a serial killer which unpredictably puts Seo-Yeon and her mother’s life in danger.

Now, the question is Can Seo-Yeon be able to clean up the dirt that a mere phone call has caused?
The plot is complicated but the direction is subtle and clever which makes the movie understandable. The time difference that is shown is absolutely amazing. I’d really appreciate the movie for carrying the suspense throughout and making it interesting at every transition that happens.

The call: Story writing, Direction, and Cinematography

Lee Chung-Hyeon’s direction is AMAZING. It’s absolutely astonishing to know that a young director could deliver such a wonderful film. Despite some of the loopholes and of course providing an open-ending to such a kind of film, I think Lee Chung has done a great job. The cinematography is out of the world! It has fulfilled every criterion that thriller movie demands.

The call: Acting

The call

The film is a winner because of the powerful acting not only by the two leading actresses but also everyone who is a part of this film.

Park Shin Hye, after the success of her previous #Alive, has done a good job in this film as well. She plays Seo-Yeon and has managed to get herself into the role to give a satisfactory performance on screen.

Jeon Jong-Seo plays Young sook and is a STEALER. Her consistent performance throughout the movie has left me speechless. I mean how can someone perform so brilliantly? I have the utmost respect for her after watching her in this film.

As I said earlier, the supporting actors have done a great job as well in addition to these two leading actresses.

The call: Conclusion

The movie is intense with the violence. Just when I felt I could predict the next scene, something else would’ve happened over there. So that’s what I want to tell you all, do not even make an attempt to predict, haha!
Well, on the whole, this film is going to impress you if you are someone who likes violence, horror, and crime.

The call: Ratings

Direction– 3.5/5
Background score– 4/5
Acting– 4/5
Overall rating– 8/10

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