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The Family Man: The man with The Secret Job

The Family Man: The man with The Secret Job

The family manThe most anticipated web series, The Family Man Season 2 is set to release on a bigger scale. The Family Man Season 2 is going to be released on 12th Feb. Let’s see what we know so far.

The big change

We have seen a drastic change in Bollywood. People are more likely to bend towards different kinds of movies. They are choosing those movies over any typical commercial movies. So, we can say that the choice of the audience has been shifted gradually.

With the help of the OTT platform, films are being released on it, especially web series that has caught the attention of many. Those platforms are being the most preferable nowadays. Recently, I came across some big-budget series that made a blockbuster hit.

Fresh and creative films are coming frequently. The stories have been a significant matter in every film. People are being more addicted to a complex narrative. Non- linear narrative storytelling has been a part of a few years. But today it has accumulated more people in one place.

The point I’m trying to make is that the increasing demand for new stories and their way of telling. Netflix, Amazon has given filmmakers the platform to expose themselves in front of more people.

The family man- Season 2


The family Man is one such show which can make you more interested in watching different kinds of shows. So, the premiere date of Season 2 has already been declared. It’s going to be released on 12th February 2021. Yeah, that means next month.

But before watching any film, we want to get some information about it. Here I am to give you a different perspective on “The family Man season 2”.

Season 1- Directors, cast, release date, and more

the family man

But let me discuss the first season first as it is first. Haha, jokes apart. After watching the trailer of Season I was awed by Manoj Bajpayee’s change persona. If anyone remembers him in “Satya”, she/he will be shocked. His transformation for every character is remarkable.

The family Man season 1 is a riveting action thriller web series on Amazon prime video made by Raj and D.k. This director- duo gave some notable films like Shor in the city, Stree previously. We saw the success of Stree. And with their early micro-budget films, they have created their own place in Bollywood. Season 1 starred Manoj Bajpayee and Priyamani.

The series was premiered on Amazon Prime in September 2019. The story is about a middle-class man who works as an intelligence officer. With the 10 episodes, season 1 was a big hit. So the expectation for season 2 is really at a different level. I’ll come to it later. But before that let me analyze why season 1 was a huge hit.

Season 1 was inspired by a newspaper article. Srikant Tiwari, a married man with two kids works as an intelligence officer at TASC, a part of NIA. Struggling with his familial life, he follows a potential investigation of a terrorist attack. This was the summarization of the story. Now let’s dig deep into every episode.

All about season 1

The family man

As I describe every episode, you will surely connect yourself with the story thinking about where you have read the story. Actually, this is how terrorism is spreading across the world. This is what is happening on the news- from tussle on Kashmir issues to cow lynching. Political issues have been pointed out sharply.

Episode 1 – The Family Man

So, It starts with the capturing of 3 ISIS terrorists on the Indian coast guard. The case goes to the TASC department. Srikant Tiwari who is an intelligence officer convinces one of the terrorists to surrender. Meanwhile, one of the militant plants a scooter bomb, and the mission “Zulfiqar” starts.

Episode 2 – Sleepers

In this episode, we see that the explosion of the scooter bomb. Chief analysts from TASC gets information about three game engineers linked with this blast. After arresting those three people, they come to know more about the details. A college boy is connected to this blast but they have never met face to face.

Episode 3 – Anti-national

TASC traps to catch Karim, who is an ISIS contacted person. He falls under the radar of the intelligent section. As soon as he comes to know that he is being watched, he plans for another attack.

Episode 4 – Patriots

Srikant suspects his wife is having an affair. He traces her phone. In the meantime, Karim and his friends are shot down. TASC comes to know that the person who is responsible for the scooter is another person from Victoria College.

Episode 5 – Pariah

Srikant meets Karim’s girlfriend, Jonali, and convinces her that his boyfriend is not a terrorist. On another side, Moosa makes a fake love with a nurse, Mary, and plans to escape from the hospital. For all the blames on him, Srikant transfers to Kashmir and there he meets Kulkarni. He comes to know that ISIS is planning a big operation.

Episode 6 – Dance of Death

The audience comes to know that Moosa is a top ISIS agent who is responsible for the terrorist attack in Istanbul. Nurse Mar comes to know Asif’s death but doesn’t express that to TASC. Jayesh and Pasha are killed during the fire-fight in the hospital. Moosa escapes from the hospital after killing Mary.

Episode 7 – Paradise

The team at Srinagar is tracking Basharat who is supervising the terrorist group in Kashmir. In addition to that, the security team gets the information that he is going to attend a wedding in Baramulla. Srikant’s impulsive action causes Sajid and Basharat to escape in Baramulla.

Episode 8 – Act of War

The terrorist group in Pakistan is planning to spread nerve gas in New Delhi. Srikant enters there with the help of RAW. Sajid is behind the operation of transporting the gas to Delhi. Moosa is planning for the bombing. The PM has been alerted.

Episode 9 – Fighting Dirty

So now, Major Sameer is arrested for spreading terror by the Pakistan army. Basharat dies in a crossfire. Sajid meets Moosa who is planning to blackmail an engineer. There is another plan for Mission Zulfiqar.

Episode 10 – The Bomb

Moose plans to kill everyone in Delhi by planting toxic gas. When Srikant meets his mother and convinces her to make Moosa surrender to the police, she makes an appeal on a video. Moosa tries to leave but gets killed by Sajid. The ending gives a hint that there will be season 2 as there was a question “Is the tank going to blast?”

The family man with different plans

As the name suggests, “The Family Man” portrays middle-class familial strife and on another side, we get to know a totally different side but the family man remains the same till the end struggling with his familial life and secretive job.  And the Show got some mixed reviews but everywhere Manoj Bajpayee’s excellent performance was praised.

Also, Director-duo has collected some inspirations from their past experience. With the comical touch, this espionage drama makes an impact on the audience. The gripping narrative holds the attention of the audience till the end.

In an article on Hindustan Times, Rohan Naahar wrote: “Without ever parodying the genre, The Family Man succeeds at being a surprisingly funny spy series; equally capable of snappy one-liners as it is of slick thrills.” The film portrays a middle-class family’s strife where it is true to its script not following the main commercial genre.

Especially, some dialogues can hold your attention till the end. Sumit Arora has done his best here. Ekta Malik from Indian Express has praised the performance of Manoj Bajpayee along with the dialogue writer Sumit Arora. In another article, Ananya Bhattacharya from India Today wrote, “Despite Manoj Bajpayee’s work, The Family Man is really a dampener”. Raj And D.K have been praised for his new complex storytelling with a comical touch.\

The Season 1 success

the family man season 2

The main reason for the success of this season 1 want to mention is Manoj Bajpayee’s constant excellent performance. In addition to that, I think only he has held the attention of the audience constantly throughout the whole season. There is nothing new on a performance basis. Local areas of Mumbai have been portrayed to make the film more genuine.  But the people who have already watched “Sacred Games” and loved the show won’t get satisfied with this show. There can’t be any comparison between the two.

What to expect expectation from The Family Man Season 2?

Cast, Roles, and more

The family man

Finally, After waiting for a long year due to this awful pandemic, season 2 is on its way to release with a bang again.  Obviously, the teaser nudges you to watch the season. Starting with Srikant Tiwari’s missing and coming back makes the teaser a huge hit.  So, with the news spreading over the internet, the speculation is high.

There will be Sharib Hashmi, Priyamani in their similar cast. We will get Samantha Akkikeni with her digital debut in a Hindi big project. Also, she was cast in a cameo role previously. The team is busy with the promotion of season 2.

On the other hand, there is a huge expectation from the audiences’ side. Without a doubt, the teaser has caught the attention of the audience. In a statement, Raj and D.K also shared the huge expectation from the audiences’ side they got. In this season there are some questions to be answered like shell we see the reconciliation between Sri and Suchi or if Missin Zulfiqar demolished or not.

As the teaser shows Samantha in an ethnic dress, we can ask what the role of her in this movie is. And we get a mysterious perspective of her.  As he appears after missing Srikant is pointing his gun towards something/someone which raises the question of what the next job is.


So, as far as the plot is revealed, Raji will be the antagonist here in replacement of Moosa’s place. Srikant will be chasing her. There is a promotion going on from the Amazon side using #SrikantKahanHai. And I suddenly noticed this. The hashtag already states the missing of Srikant. Also, it’s trending on Twitter. (Now that’s called hype)

So, the Family Man season 2 is going to be premiered on 12th Feb on Amazon prime video. The trailer will be launched on 19th Jan. It is certain that with a more intriguing plot, season 2 is expected to appease the audiences’ thirst.

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