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The Final Call: Review + Plot +Cast +Season 2

The Final call: Review+ Plot +Cast +Season 2

The Final Call is a turbulent ride with its share of riveting and thriller experience. In this web series, all aboard the flight are not aware of what’s incoming them. A shrewd air hostess, a teenage footballer, a broken heart, a big shot moneybag, an astrologer and a suicidal pilot, The Final Call has got it all. It’s a gripping tale of life and death taking place up above the sky. Here’s our review of the Zee5 web series The Final Call.

The final call Cast

Arjun Rampal

the final call cast

Neeraj kabi

Harshad Arora

Javed Jaffrey

Anupriya Goenka

The final call anupriya goenka

Sakshi tanwar

Vipin Sharma

Paula McGlynn

Anshuman Malhotra 

The final call


Captain Karan Sachdeva (played by Arjun Rampal) previously worked in the Indian Air Force as a Wing Commander. He is a grief struck personality suffering from depression owing to his time in the Air Force where he had innocent blood on his hands. Later on the death of his wife and kids in a car accident further adds on to his anguish.

At present now, Captain Karan is in charge of the commercial flight flying from Mumbai to Sydney. But the pilot has other plans in mind. Captain Karan has decided to end his life up in the air, using poison. But things turn haywire with the death of the co-pilot and the stand-by pilot, and now the fate of all 300 passengers lie in the hands of Captain Karan.

 Characters, Actors, and Acting

Throughout the course of the series, we come in contact with various vivid characters. And run back into their lives to see the kind of person they are today on the flight. Neeraj Kabi plays the role of V. Krishnamurthy, an astrologer who explores beyond death. He creates such an aura around him. And with his eerie talent, Krishnamurthy can also predict the future with absolute precision. He is well aware and predicts that this flight will lead him to his death. And yet he boards the flight because he believes it is his fate.

Sakshi Tanwar as kiran Mirza

Sakshi Tanwar is seen in the role of Kiran Mirza, from the ATC who negotiates with Captain Karan. Her character is very assuring as she handles her family as she is pregnant herself. And now a misfortunate flight negotiation at hand.

Javed Jaffery

Javed Jaffrey plays the role of business tycoon Siddharth Singhania. Him and Krishnamurthy converse with deep profundity. As one seems to have the wisdom and the other the keenness to earn that wisdom. Siddharth is very successful in life with both fame and money abundantly in his hands. But his failing marriage and lack of satisfaction in life, makes him question everything. As Siddharth goes through existentialism, his conundrums and Krishnamurthy’ insights feel like they are talking to the audience itself.

Paula Mcglynn as Sarah Parker

Paula McGlynn is seen as the character Sarah who is an Australian writer. She is currently flying back to her hometown, to her boyfriend who is actually cheating on her.

Anupriya Goenka as Parineeta

The final call

Anupriya Goenka plays the role of the Air Hostess Parineeta or as her colleagues call her Pari. Even in such a tense and unprecedented circumstance Anupriya handles the situation with sheer calmness and brilliance. And that is vividly explored through her language.

Anshuman Malhotra as Dhrruv sehgal

Anshuman Malhotra is the teenage footballer Dhruv Sehgal who studies and plays in Australia. He and Sarah explore several light moments between them both.

The final call web series theme

One of the standout themes visible in the web series is the ideology and use of the religious and spiritual aspects of the world. Woven together with utmost precision such questions are posed and related answers are replied to. That will make the audience second think their beliefs and philosophies. The web series is based on such thoughts of life and existence, what lies for us after death? and the whole purpose of our birth on this land.

The Final Call season 2+ I will go with you

The final call book

The Final Call is based on the novel “I Will Go With You” by Priya Kumar which became an instant bestseller. Her book was dedicated to the lives of the victims that disappeared in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH 370) that went mysteriously missing back in 2014.

Priya Kumar’ 2017 novel “The Wise Man Said” has also been picked up by Zee5 for a web series adaptation of the same. Though there has been no official announcement of the return of The Final Call for a second season. Or a sequel to a book “I Will Go With You”. Priya Kumar in a recent interview when asked mentioned that she is working on the script for a second season of The Final Call.


The final call review

The Final Call directed by Vijay Lalwani is an enthralling watchable web series, with a not so typical seen plot. It explores the side of the armed forces. Who may experience severe traumas and depression owing to their time in the service. There’s an air of constant suspense all throughout the series as the audience awaits with patience of what the fate of the passengers would turn out to be. The performances by the familiar cast is strong which adds more to the already blooming plot. The Final Call lengths at eight episodes long and is currently streaming on Zee5.


  1. Where can I watch The Final Call series?

    All eight episodes of The Final Call Web Series is streaming now on Zee5 app and website.

  2. How many episodes are there in final call?

    The Final Call series has eight episodes that range from 40 to 50 minutes each.

  3. Is the final call a real story?

    The Final Call is based on the book “I Will Go With You” by Priya Kumar. The author dedicated the book to the victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Hence we cannot deny the fact that this incident moved and inspired Priya Kumar to come up with such a narrative.

  4. Is the final call worth watching?

    Yes. The Final Call is a thriller series with a lot of compelling characters and ideas and is it worth every watch.

  5. Does the plane crash in the final call?

    Yes. The whole series The Final Call revolves around this one suspense of will Captain Karan commit suicide and what would happen to the plane. At the end he commits suicide and the plane crashes into the sea.

  6. Is the final call free?

    No. But you can watch the first episode of The Final Call for free as a preview. The Final Call is streaming on Zee5 which offers the subscription has Rs99/- per month, and a 3-month subscription of Rs 299/-. Currently a 12-month discounted offer of Rs 499/- for 12 months is available.

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