The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family

Family melodramas have been the core selling point of Indian cinema and daily soap for decades now owing to the minds of the Johar’s, Chopras, and Kapoors of Bollywood. And they have ruled the silver screen for the very reason that they portrayed the Indian family with its ups and downs and tinges of comedy to entertain simultaneously.

This Ekta Kapoor web series under the banner Alt Balaji ‘The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family’ is another take at the conflicts that emerge within the walls of a house. Filled with witty characters and situational humor, the web series is a darkly comic take on the different taboos and secrets that exist in the Ranaut family. In this article, we review The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family, for you to decide whether it Is the next web series that you need to hop on.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional – Characters

The Great Indian Dysfunctional - Characters

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family web series explores the Ranaut family, who look quite jovial on the outside but it is actually the contrary. The North Indians Ranaut reside in Kanoori at their family estate which has been passed on for generations. At the forefront, we have Vikram Ranaut, an ex-army officer and the eldest of the house.

A fatal mission led him to being crippled and left him devasted for life. Geeta Ranaut is his wife, and they have two kids in the form of Aditi and Mridul. Both these children bring in quite interesting character outlines and plot with Aditi being a rebellious kid who struggles with her sexual preferences and identity, and Mridul being a dumb and mute born who further plays a crucial turn in the events to unfold.

Samar Ranaut is the younger brother of Vikram. He too like his elder brother joined the army, but soon realized it was not his cup of tea. Eventually, he leaves everything behind; the army, his family, moves to Mumbai to make a living for himself. He now runs a restaurant along with his wife Sonali Ranaut.

Then we have the ever chill always high on marijuana Premlata Ranaut, mother of Samar and Vikram. Premlata goes on to play the comic card most of the time in the web series and is merely contained to it, until the last action of the sequence when she suddenly emerges as a dark horse in the mending act of her family.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional – Plot

The storyline of The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family unfolds with Samar and his wife Sonali Ranaut returning home to Kanoori, eight long years after he had run away from there. It’s the least expected return and tempers flare right away at the Ranaut’s. Now that the brothers are face to face, there are a lot of unspoken words between them and secrets waiting to be peeled apart. Each character of the Ranaut family is mapped out ingeniously and they all form different layers that make up the engrossing plot of The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family web series.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family cast

Barun Sobti As Samar
Ashwin Kaushal As Pappu
Kay Kay Menon As Vikram
Perelene Bhesania As Nandita Sood
Eisha Chopra As Sonali Ranaut
Rohan Joshi As Shashi
Sanaya Pithawalla As Aditi Ranaut
Prithviraj As Mrudul Ranaut
Swaroop Sampat As Premlata Ranaut
Shriswara As Geeta Ranaut

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family cast is filled with new faces and experiences alike. The arrogant and rude character of Vikram Ranaut is played by Kay Kay Menon. His experience is enough to bring out the well-rooted Vikram with his taunts and flares, and yet brimmed with love for his family in his heart. Barun Sobti is Samar Ranaut who is an already established face on the silver screen, brings with him his massive fan following to the web series. His moments with his wife, scuffs with his brother, and merry time with his niece and nephew are quite commendably depicted by Barun.

Shriswara plays Geeta Ranaut and we have Eisha Chopra as Sonali Ranaut. Both hold the exquisite need for their characters, but somewhere lack the final touch and awareness. Geeta & Sonali play quite important plotlines to the story, but still feel quite empty on their character faces, lacking in answers as to ‘why she would do that in the case of Geeta, and ‘what next for her when we consider Sonali.

Sanaya Pithawalla and Prithiviraj Sarnaik are the charming and adorable Aditi and Mridul Ranaut. Sanaya particularly looks admirable with her difficult character of Aditi; her rebellious actions with her father, constrained relationship with her best friend, overcoming the fear of the society that judges her based on her sexual preferences. There was a lot asked out from Aditi and Sanaya Pithawalla does a commendable job here in The Great Dysfunctional Family web series. Prithiviraj Sarnaik is absolutely cute and winsome. With his long curly hair and sweet innocent expressions, he is sure to win your heart.

And finally, we have Swaroop Sampat as Premlata Ranaut, who is for most of the time sidelined by the plot and the least explored out lead character. She was genuinely a delight to watch whenever she came across, but the totality of her screen time does leave you wondering about the writer’s real purpose here.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional – Review

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Review

For director Rajlaxmi Ratan Seth this would have been a fascinating project to work on. But the roots still seem to be quite well enrooted in Bollywood. For the most part of The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family, the audience will experience very raw cinematography. There are some good ideas jotted down by writer Shantanu Srivastava and cinematographer Abhimanyu Sengupta, but it lacks the execution that it deserved. The dialogues at certain intervals are loose and weak, but at another point, it might amuse and wrench your heart out. It might be the result of inexperience or/and the nerve to go different.

The overall genre that the creators decided also seems to be flung aside, with melodrama and family tension being caught up using frail comedy. How can a sequence of brothers visit a hospital to find out a result that could be a make or break for their family, end with them fighting over the radio by changing songs repeatedly (another shaky comic element that Bollywood has used for years)?

At the end of ten episodes, the overall outcome is very intriguing, but the way each sequence and scene plays out is weirdly executed. They reach a certain conclusion necessary for the next subplot to pan out, but how they reach it is quite questionable. Some of the dialogues and storylines awe you, but some just leave you wondering ‘what really happened?’

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family has quite a good amount of suspense and tension to keep you hooked to the series. Most of the episodes end with a plot twist only to leave you begging to unveil the truth in the next. Different secrets of the family members are spilled out at regular intervals to maintain the intrigue throughout.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family – conclusion

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family is an interesting take and an engrossing watch on the grapples that exist in a family. The web series is short and crisp just spanning over ten episodes long that last for 20 minutes on average. The cast is up to the mark and the plot is satisfactory, but the storytelling is engrossing. The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family might just be the right watch in between your high-end western dramas. Especially during a time of work from home where the family spends more time indoors, likewise more conflicts, adding on to the realism of the web series.

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