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The haunting of hill house: Season 2| Cast| Director| Character breakdown

The haunting of hill house: Season 2

The haunting of hill house is a horror drama series directed by Mike Flanagan. The show was launched on October 12, 2018, on Netflix and was a huge hit. But what’s next? Let’s see.

The haunting of hill house: Season 1

The haunting of the hill house

The haunting of hill house is a series based on Shirley Jackson’s novel “The haunting of hill house”. Although the book and series have some minor differences, Mike Flanagan did a great job of giving it out as a package. Mike Flanagan, who has given us a lot of horror movies before like, oculus, hush, ouija, this guy knows what the viewers want. Mike Flanagan knew that we, Netflix viewers, tend to watch three-episode at a time and hence divided the episodes in the same manner. (Genius!)

The haunting of the hill house: Direction and story writing

The haunting of hill house is considered to be a masterpiece because one of the reasons was the great direction done by Mike Flanagan. This dude did it so well, it is said that The haunting of hill house brought more to what horror simply was. (Which is what most of the horror movies and series are these days. Just jump-scares and avoiding the story-line and logic.)

The series normally jumps between the past and the present where they first move into the house to fix it and then them being adults. That how their life was when they moved into the house and what it became after. What effect the hill house had on them. They even put a lot of other creepy ghosts in the background other than that played a major role like the “Bent neck lady” or “The ugly hat ghost”. They were just chilling around in the background. (Like, stop now mike! We get it! You are not lazy and you never miss the details)

Other than terrifying jump-scares and horrific ghosts, the show has the intensity to bring out the tension in viewers. All the characters in the show have been given a specific episode and each sibling represents 5 different stages of grief.

The haunting of hill house Character breakdown

Steven Crain as “Denial”

The haunting of the hill house

Steven is the oldest of the siblings. He is a famous horror writer and is the opposite of what he writes. Steven believes, and also said it out loud, that most time, the ghost is just what we want to see. Which even claims that he doesn’t believe in ghost, even though when he did saw the creepy ghost of Nell he still refuses to believe it. And hence thinks that his mother was just “Mentally ill” and died because of her illness. (He is like that one person, that knows horror makes money. And well, it worked for him)

At the end of the show, steven faces all the literal truths about the house. Which is that the house was actually haunted and even sees all the ghosts in the house (which were just hanging around here and there throughout the show) and accepts the truth. which is when he is finally free.

Shirley Crain as “Anger”

The haunting of the hill house

Shirley is one of the siblings that is always bossy and likes to be in control over all the stuff. She supposes to handle her brother, Luke, and overcoming his addiction but even leaves him right there. Also in one of the scenes, we get to know that she even helped theo by giving her space to stay but also acts like it’s a kind of favor, and they should be thankful to her (Even though she pays her to live there. Rude!)

We also know that Shirley tends to have anger because she is losing control over things. As we already talked that she likes to rule and keeps the situation in control. This is why she lost her temper when she convinced everyone to not take money but still every single one of them did. Even her husband (Lol)

Theodora Crain as “Bargaining”

The haunting of the hill house

Theodora is specific about who she will let in her life and whom she will push out. She has this superpower thing that she can know the past of a person or what they are feeling by touching their hands or their things. So she wears these gloves to put all the drama out. And it will be her choice of what she will choose to see and what she won’t. She even claimed that she has this big wall built around herself so she can be safe and no one can get in.

Theodora tends to get what she wants. (More like she bargains for the better outcome) She wanted to be this psychologist and became so, so she can help others with the powers she has. Theo helped this little girl out who claims to see a monster “Mr.smiley” who was none other than her abusive foster father. She also put her bare hands-on cell head and feels empty which is why she drinks so much and ends up kissing his brother-in-law. (Shittt)

Luke Crain as “Depression”

The haunting of the hill house

Of course, if we are talking about grief, there has to be depression. The most obvious stage of grief is what is portrayed by one of the twin siblings, luke. And hence the depression explains why he was addicted to drugs and was at the worst stage of it. I mean, come on he saw the melting eyes of a girl. If that doesn’t creep you out, I don’t know what will. He was this adorable little boy when he was young but then directors and story writers decided to do him dirty.

He even had this imaginary friend named Abigail, which we were not sure about if she is real or imaginary until the last episode where they are all having a tea party and Misses Crain adds poison to their tea party believing that her children are not safe from the outer world decides to kill them personally (Woah!).

But Abigail was the first one to drink it and there you go, she was real. By the end of the series we see them cutting a cake, which claims that luke succeed to overcome depression, and now is 2 years clean.

Nell Crain as “Acceptance”

The haunting of the hill house

Nell is another twin, who is also the youngest one of them, was constantly haunted by “bent neck lady”. But then the viewers and Nell both come to know that “The bent neck lady” was no one but her “future self” haunting her and trying to warn her about her death. Even after she died in the house, by dreaming that her mother was giving her a necklace that she promised her that she will get when she grows old. But the necklace was nothing but her death rope. And then her mom pushes her down from the stairs. (Great)

She comforted her siblings that she forgives them after everything happened and hence she portrayed “Acceptance” as a stage of grief. She said that “Forgiveness is warm. Like a tear on a cheek. Think of that and me when you stand in rain. I loved you completely and you loved me the same” (Everything else is confetti)

Masterpiece episodes 

The haunting of the hill house

Besides this, they made the 5th and 6th episode work of art, that I would give both of them 11 out of 10. The 5th episode contains the big twist of Nell being the “Bent neck lady” which we already talked about and blows everyone’s mind.

The 6th episode is long rehearsed long shots where they first showed us the characters from the father’s point of view and him remembering them as children and then switching it with adult characters without taking cuts. They even literally stopped the shoot for one month and the crew did it as rehearsal first and then making the real caste do it.

And not gonna lie they did not care about the age of the child actors and believed them completely and it worked for them. Even the child actors did a great job. They even claimed that did it all in the first take and did not mess up at all. (And I am 18 and still can’t correctly recall my research while writing the post. Thank you mike to make me feel good about myself!!!!!)

The haunting of  hill house season 2: The haunting of Bly manor

The haunting of bly manor

The next season of The haunting of hill house will be The haunting of bly manor. The caste then updated the audience by saying “A new haunting is coming. Can you guess where it takes place? Hint: The haunting of *******” on 21st February 2019 on their official Instagram page @thehaunting . And on the same day, they reposted some of the tweets that guessed it correctly and announced that the next season will be The haunting of Bly manor.

Now there is no question that the series is originally called “The haunting” and will be based on different places replacing their names to name the new season. (Again… GENIUS!!!!!)

 The haunting of hill house season 2: What can we expect?

We can say that The haunting of hill house season 2 i.e. The haunting of bly manor will have the same cast and crew. Of course, the director will be, the genius, Mike Flanagan. But the actors will be the same too, which again, of course, with different characters. Because not just they are renewing the season but they are ending the hill house right there.

They are not extending the topic, neither the story. (Maybe they just loved the actors. And why not? They did a great job and everyone loved them!!). A whole new plot will be put in front of us with new characters (and the same actors).

And of course, the bly manor will be as smart as hill house and as horrific and terrifying. They even claimed that the season won’t be delayed because of quarantine and they finished shooting. Now the crew is working from home to edit the series and they will bring it out soon. Anyway, the date is not officially announced yet but it will be surely out sometime in 2020.

Let us know your thoughts about The haunting of hill house as well as Bly manor? Will the caste be able to do a great job as The haunting of hill house? Or it will be even great? Comment down below your favorite scene from the haunting of hill house. And were you able to see all the ghosts in the background?

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