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The Last Hour: Review, Cast, Plot, and Direction

The Last Hour: Review, Cast, Plot, and Direction

The last hour web series

Amazon Prime’s latest thriller mystery, The last hour, mixed with supernatural elements shot on the mountain tops of Sikkim falls short of delivering answers. What sets up as a good-looking premise slowly fades out credit to some loose performance and open plots.

The Last Hour is a well-knit eight-episode long watch, which is not too tight not too lengthy. Starring Sanjay Kapoor, Karma Takapa, Shaylee Krishen, Sahana Goswami as the main cast, the web series has a good combination of well-established as well as new faces from the North-Eastern part of the country, whom we are not used to seeing in the mainstream Bollywood business. The cinematography of The Last Hour is stupendous, given the serene mountain clads and snowy weather, it had to be. It could have been further used to reflect more or less the emotions of the plot and the mood of the characters.


Sanjay kapoor

The last hour sanjay kapoor

Karma Takapa

karma tapaka

Shahana goswami

The last hour cast

Shaylee Krishen

The last hour shaylee krishen

Robin Tamang

Mandakini Goswami

Raima sen

the last hour raima sen

Lapchen Lepcha

The last hour


Recently widowed cop Arup is transferred to the northern states with his teenage daughter Pari. He has not even settled yet and is handed over a case involving an actress. A place that ought to be known for fewer murders was now filled with them and Arup had to crack the mystery behind all of this.

Little does he know that his power and jurisdiction are not just enough for him, as he encounters a local ‘Jhakri’ named Dev. Jhakris are known to be able to converse with the souls of the dead and play an even important role in leading them to the afterlife. Dev is one such enchanter, who has his own special powers and enemies owing to those powers.

Dev helps Arup solve cases as they together search for Yama Nadu (played by Robin Tamang), who has a hand in the recent murders and is behind Dev for his supernatural powers.

Arup and Pari bring their own personal family history into the plot, as a widowed husband and a troubled teenager who slowly starts growing feelings for Dev.

Murders, supernaturalism and love all get entangled as Dev has to make or break, but will he survive the last hour?


The last  hour review

All applaud the creators Amit Kumar and Anupama Minz for bringing in the North Eastern tradition, not only through the beautiful cinematography but through the sheer actors as well. Karma Takapa, Shaylee Krishen, Robin Tamang all based from the North did a tremendous job on this project. It was a delight to see the sub cast and side characters all hailing from the same locality.

Karma Takapa as Dev has carried The Last Hour on his back doing all the hard work. His depictions were flawless especially when he went into the yellowish-orange screen of the afterlife. Sanjay Kapoor as the cop was pretty decent. Given he lacked the emotions for a recently widowed single father. In certain scenes, it felt like he was there, but not entirely there. You could see him physically but mentally he seemed to be off-placed. But he played the cop role reasonably well with a love interest in the form of Lipika (Shahana Goswami) blooming around him.

Shahana has done a formidable job in her character portrayal of a cop working with Arup. Shaylee Krishen plays the role of Pari, Arup’s daughter who seems to be a little out of place at times. Her dialogue delivery is good enough. Her closeness to Dev is depicted satisfactorily and could have been explored in a much better manner. Robin Tamang as the villain of the web series Yama Nadu has petrifying powers of looking into the future and death of anybody, but yet his character doesn’t scare you enough.

It’s fair to say it was a blend of good and poor performances, but the poor ones just seem to stand out.

The last hour Review

Packed up together in eight episodes, the episodes vary from 25 to 40 minutes long, making it an easy and quick watch. The storytelling maintains an air of suspense throughout the series using the supernatural elements of time travel and travel to the afterlife, going back and forth into the past and future, only to present new twists and information for the audience.

At one point it might make you think it would’ve been better off as a two-hour cramped movie. Because certain plot incidents just seem to be out of sense. The Last Hour is fast-paced. Hence, with the constantly changing plot, at times the story moves forward without any explanations.

There are good build-up phases used by the director to get into the thrilling and suspense-filled scenes. Backed up with some elevating background score.

To be seen or not to be seen? Credit is well deserved for the creators of The Last Hour. Because it’s not usual for Bollywood to get involved with fiction let alone supernatural elements. Given the compact size of the web series, it might be easier to get through. But if a series needs to be gotten through, is it really worth watching?

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