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The Most Disliked Videos On Youtube: Are they really the worst?

The most disliked videos on Youtube: Are they really the worst?

As a platform for video streaming, Youtube has played a very vital role to make everyone capable of showing what they can do and people started liking them for the things they have done.

But as we all know there are two sides to a coin, we all know about the most liked video on Youtube but there are some videos in the Youtube universe that people do not like and they smash the dislike button.

So today we will be listing out the name of the most disliked videos on Youtube.

The most disliked videos on Youtube #8: Freak Penne Rap Song

Freak Penne Rap Song is a song from a movie named Oru Adaar Love which was released on 14 February 2019 as a love story of two school kids developing some romantic feelings for each other. This movie was originally in the Malayalam language was directed by Omar Lulu.

It is an adequate movie with a rating of 5.5/10 on IMDB. It Stands in 8th place on the list of most disliked videos on Youtube with 967K dislikes on Youtube India.

The most disliked videos on Youtube #7: Can this video get 1 million dislikes?

Yeah, you read correctly it is a video asking for dislikes. Why though? Maybe he needed it.

“Can this video get 1 million dislikes?” is a title of a video posted by the second most subscribed independent creator on Youtube, PewDiePie, on 24 December 2016.

In this video, PewDiePie is subliminally calling out the Youtube channels with not good quality content and still rising on the trending list and getting views and also asking people to dislike the video. And that is how it came to 7th place in the list of the most disliked videos on Youtube with 5 million dislikes.

The most disliked videos on Youtube #6: YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind

Even having Will Smith in the first ten seconds and using Fortnite (A Multiplayer Game Like Pubg), the theme couldn’t stop the Youtube rewind video from getting disliked by more than 18 million. It premiered on 8 December 2018. Surely, it has surpassed his predecessor, which is Youtube rewind 2018 with 2 million dislikes also other Youtube rewind videos have almost the same number of dislikes on their videos.

The most disliked videos on Youtube #5: It’s Everyday Bro(Song) Feat. Team 10( Official Music Video)

Jake Paul is an American Youtuber, a boxer, and an actor. Also on 30 May 2017. He released a music video named “It’s Everyday Bro Feat. Team 10”. In this, he is basically trying to tell everyone how he is so good because of the things he has done and he is claiming things which are not true. But it’s not the reason for getting so much dislike on the video, actually, the lyrics and beats were so noisy that it was not even good hearing it. That is the reason it got so criticized by everyone in the music community.

“It’s Everyday Bro” Became the most disliked independent music video in our list of The Most Disliked Videos On Youtube with 5 million dislikes.

The most disliked videos on Youtube #4: Johny Johny Yes Papa

Johny Johny Yes Papa the nursery rhyme which we all have heard throughout our childhood and our next generation is also listening to the same thing.

The video I am talking about is an animation video that was released on 8 October 2016, made by a channel named “LooLoo Kid’s”. A channel totally based on making animation videos for Rhyming songs for kids.

In the list of the most disliked videos on Youtube, Johny Johny Yes Papa  Stands On 4th Number With 7.6 Million Dislikes.

The most disliked videos on Youtube #3: Baby Shark Dance 


“Baby shark Dance” is also a nursery rhyming song made for children by a Youtube channel named PINKFONG Songs for Children. This video was released on 18 June 2016. This video consists of two children singing the lyrics of the song which honestly doesn’t mean anything and I think that is the reason it became so disliked by the people.

We are at a place where nursery rhymes are getting so disliked the question which arises in everyone’s mind is why? Why people disliked these videos so much. Keep reading so I can answer that question for you. Baby Shark Dance makes his name in the list of The Most Disliked Videos On Youtube With 10 Million Dislikes.

The most disliked videos on youtube #2: Baby By Justin Bieber

For the people who don’t have an idea who Justin Bieber is, he is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He has composed some beautiful songs such as the company etc. The song “Baby” was released on 19 February 2010 ft. Ludacris and it became the third most disliked videos on Youtube with 11 million dislikes.

The most disliked videos on youtube #1: Sadak 2 Trailer

 Sadak 2 Starring Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Alia Bhatt As their main characters. Directed by Mahesh Bhatt made as a sequel to the movie Sadak which came in 1991 With Pooja Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt As Their Main Character.

It became the second-most disliked video on Youtube just after coming with 13 million dislikes. The audience didn’t like the fact that they are just stretching the whole story which they left incomplete in a sense.

Answering The Question Why?

Most disliked videos on youtube

Youtube Does What Makes Other People Stay On Their For More Time.

It works on an algorithm suggesting videos which are liked by other people but it is only a half of the whole story because youtube also suggest those videos to the people which are disliked by a major amount of people as PewDiePie said in his video the more dislikes you will get the more powerful you will become.

This whole like dislike button works on human psychology of feeling good about what they do. Saying something is good makes you happy but also pointing out that something is bad also gives you the same sense of happiness. The sense of doing something good for society and that is the reason the videos with so many dislikes also sometimes come on your youtube feed. 

We Started With The List Of Most Disliked Videos But The Videos Links Are Not Information I Wanted To Convey With You. The Question Which Should Arise In Our Mind Is Why We Don’t Like Something It Is The Things He/She/Content which they are saying or it’s just that I want to dislike it. My Simple Statement Is Think Before Smashing That Dislike Button.
Do You Really Want To Do It Or They Are Making You Do It?

Thank You For Reading This Long.
Have A Great Day Ahead Of You

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