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The polar express (2004) movie review | Let’s relive childhood once more

The polar express (2004) movie review | Let’s relive childhood once more


The polar express

We all get attracted by the adventure instincts inside us. At some point in time, a thirst for adventure instigates us to go beyond our living space. How would it be if a train suddenly appears and beckons you to make the extreme adventure that you have dreamt of?

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, The Polar Express stimulates a sensation of such an adventure and takes us on a vivacious journey. As you watch the film, you feel that every scene is like you are living in a fantasy world from where you don’t want to detach yourself ever.

Famous for Back to the Future, Forest Gump, Zemeckis makes such a world that makes a stain that never leaves you. The Polar Express was released in 2004. When I first watch the film a long ago, it absorbed me so intensely but I couldn’t finish it, unfortunately. I had a plan to watch it later. With the second watch, I again felt watching the full film immediately.

The polar express: Cast and Crew

Director – Robert Zemeckis

Writers – Chris Van Allsburg

Cast – Tom Hanks, Michael Jeter, Daryl Sabara,

Running time – 100 minutes

Release date – 10/11/2004


The polar express: Plot and Analysis

The polar express

It tells the story of a boy who embarks on an extraordinary train journey to the North Pole and establishes the belief in wonder in life. Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg, Zemeckis proves his versatility once more. It’s a computer-animated live-action film where human characters have been featured for this animation.

One snowy Christmas night, a young boy sees a mysterious train that is going to the North Pole. He comes to know the name of the train which is “Polar Express”. The conductor wants him to get on the train. Reluctantly, he joins the journey with other young kids already inside the train.

The starting scene is so interesting that it holds your attention to see the next scene. The excitement increases when another young boy named Billy gets on the same train and we confront him with some mysteries. With its attentive background music, the film goes on a rhythmic line but it detaches when the train enters the North Pole area.

It’s a magnificent place created by creative minds. But the interest lacks sometimes. As your interest starts to grow, it breaks your attention after reaching the North Pole. Another interesting point you gain again when some lessons are given by the locomotive conductor. The significant message of this film, we can say is “Belief”. We see the young is a skeptic about Santa Claus at first. To break that skepticism, the director creates a scene where it is said that believe.


The polar express: Technical Aspects

Another important thing to mention is the special effects of the film. The magical world which has been created in this movie can impact you starting from first. Every scene is so alive that can put you into another world within a second.

the polar express review

The polar express: Conclusion

The polar express

It was shot with a record-breaking amount of $165 million. Later it was listed as all digital capture fil in 2006 Guinness World Record and earned more than $300 million. This film may not satisfy adults as this is suitable for children only but it can definitely remind you of your’s childhood.

Every kid is gonna love this film. Another important thing is the film teaches a lesson as a form of ticket. The film can live with you for a long time. As we grow mature, we forget our childhood memories, moralities which were stained by people. To relive those moments, you should definitely give The Polar Express a watch. Who knows, you may discover your childhood again.

The polar express: Ratings

Direction – 3.5/15

Background score – 3.5/5

Acting – 3.5/10

Overall rating – 7/10

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