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The rope curse 2 Netflix Review + Analysis | A trash sequel?

The rope curse 2 Netflix review | A trash sequel? 

The rope curse 2

The second part of this horror series is based on the ritual of Taoist purification by committing suicide. Director Liao Shih-Han explores the Taiwanese religious and folk customs. It’s a supernatural horror film that tells the story of a conflict Taoist priest who helps a young to get rid of a demonic.

After the success of the 1st film, the ritual gained a little popularity there in Taiwan but later it was considered as bad luck among people of that country.

About The rope curse 2

Directors:  Liao Shih-Han

Writer:  Tzu- Ming Ma

Stars: Lee Kang-Sheng, Wilson Hsu, Vera Chen

Running time: 104 minutes

Release date: 02/09/2020

The rope curse 2: Analysis

The rope curse 2

As the film opens, we come to know the suicide culture in Taiwan. Their beliefs merge with modern culture. The movie combines the deities and satans as a singular demon who curses drug dealers. It shows the audience that the movie is a scary one. If people have watched the first one then they can connect themselves to the second one as it starts with sudden action but you get to know the culture in a text form which conveys to us the Taiwanese culture.

Chia-Min who lives with her aunt in the same house is possessed with some demonic visions which make her an abnormal person. She wants to be a normal person.  On the other side, some sudden shocking moments can give you a chill in your neck. To make a horror film, editing and sound effects must be mixed up properly otherwise it is difficult to create those nerve-wracking moments.

The folklore on the road gives you a native culture of Taiwan. There is a past scene that reflects that insane eating of her as she sees some stuff on the table. The folklore continuously goes on. Some scenes have been captured well. As Chia-Min confronts with aunty, we come to know the brutal past of her aunt.

She states that her husband used to beat her every day. He should have died already. As the story proceeds, we see the demonic possession in aunt’s body. That scene can grab your mind a few times. With the low light in the room, the scene increases our curiosity further.

Aunt’s past history gets unfolded. Chung Yen-Huo takes care of her aunt. He keeps her calm doing magic. The story sometimes makes the film dull but somehow it tries to grab the attention with intermittent shocks. There is another incident that increases our curiosity when they find a Thai demon.

Now the most wanted to part when Chia-Min is under the demonic control of aunt. She is now possessed with the demonic power and hurts Chung Yen-Huo. The demon captures him. When I was watching, I thought what is this going on? Childlike playing. It looks like I am playing a game where the characters are demons.

In the end, everybody is safe. Aunty became free from demonic power and she is in hospital. Chia-Min is working. Later, in another place, the film gives a glimpse of another part of the future.

The rope curse 2: Conclusion

Horror films give you shock but the movie lacks that purpose. If you want to find some profound story, you may be upset with this film as there is no such complexity here. You get accustomed to the culture of Taiwan. Cinematography, editing, and sound make it what we call film otherwise, it seems like a game.

Due to the success of the 1st part, the audience had an expectation from the next film but it doesn’t appease the thirst. It fails to keep its promises. It looks funny sometimes. The country’s traditional culture might attract you but the film won’t live with you for a long time. The story could be better. If you are a fan of horror movies the rope curse 2 might be your one-time watch.

The Rope curse 2: Ratings

Direction – 2.5/5

Background score – 3/5

Acting – 2.5/5

Overall rating – 5.5/10

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