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The Unlisted: Review, Cast, plot, and Details about Season 2

The Unlisted: Plot, Cast, Review and Details about Season 2

Unlisted is a science fiction drama directed by Rhys Graham, Justine Flynn, Neil Sharma, Nick Verso, Lucy Gaffy, and Rebecca O’Brien. It is a binge-worthy show that will get you thinking about worldly matters.

The unlisted CAST

Ved Rao as Kalpen Sharma

Vrund Rao as Drupad Sharma

Miah Madden as Kymara

Abigail Adriano as Rose

Nya Cofie as Jacob

Jean Hinchliffe as Gemma

Zachary Wan as Jiao

Kate Box as Emma Ainsworth

Saba Zaidi Abdi as Dadi

The unlisted PLOT:

The unlisted starts with two twins Kal and Dru who are 12-year-olds from an Indian family located in Sydney. There is a dental check-up in their school and since Kal is too afraid to get checked, Dru fills in for him and no one finds out as they are twins. Soon Kal finds out that something is wrong with his brother and all the other students who have taken the dental test.

They start behaving a certain way and suddenly they all start learning new languages and are great at sports. Kal is just watching all of this completely shocked. He then along with his brother finds out that the Global Child Initiative along with the government has implanted some sort of chip in every student to control their life and build a smarter workforce for money-related reasons.

Kal then finds out about more of such people who had somehow missed the dental check-up and they have been hiding in a tunnel because the Global Child Initiative is looking to kill these children as they are hampering their system. The story then revolves around these 12-year-olds trying to take down the Global Child Initiative without getting caught.

The unlisted REVIEW:

This is truly a binge-worthy show. The unlisted web series is short and to the point with no unwanted drama. It’s a mystery science fiction that involves children solving a crime. This gets tricky because they are 12-year-olds and the show was realistic in the way the showed the solving of the crime and taking down the Global Child Initiative.

The background music is really impressive in the show. Especially the intro theme song is so creepy it will give you chills down your spine but as the series progresses you will understand why such a theme song was selected for the show.

The direction and screenplay also deserve a lot of credit. The creators have made sure to keep the show precise and to the point. The cast who are really young child actors have done a phenomenal job. They have portrayed their own characters so well and the emotions are also well delivered. 


the unlisted review

A special mention has to be given to Daadi a role played by Saba Zaidi Abdi. Daadi translates to grandmother, in the show she is the grandmother of Kal and Dru. This Australian show manages to capture the perfect Indian household. Daadi’s character is fun, loving and everything about her is wonderfully Indian. She cares about her food, snacks, and her family more than anything.

In an otherwise really serious show, Daadi brings in the fun element. With her witty comments and calling her grandchildren ‘Wombats’, she really brightens up the show. Her kind and helping nature bring light to the kind of culture we have in India.


The Unlisted is available on Netflix. The show has 15 episodes ranging from 22- 30 minutes each.

The unlisted SEASON 2- Everything you need to know- Cast, Plot and Release Date

(P.S: Season one spoilers ahead, don’t ruin the show for yourself!)

There is no official news about the unlisted season 2 of the show however the season one ended with a cliffhanger which hinted that there will be a season 2. At the end of season one, they showed us that after Kal and Dru successfully took down the Global Child Initiative they have a happy conversation and go to bed with a sigh of relief that no one is going to be controlling their brains but as they drift off to sleep, some spider-like machines crawl into their ears.

This shows us that there is going to be a season 2 for sure. What else does this cliffhanger tell us? This cliffhanger tells us that in Season 2 there might be a third person entering the picture. In the first season, only one of the brothers was implanted so it was easy to find out what was going on but as the spiders, implants were in both the brothers, in season 2 maybe there will be a third person.

Critics have informed that there might be 10-15 episodes in season 2. There is no official information about the trailer, cast, or episodes but the audience is expecting another season.

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