If you are bored of the thriller, action, and horror shows out there, and you feel like you need a change to something a little more light-hearted, Thinkistan is the show for you. This is a light-hearted, comedy and drama show directed by Padmakumar and Narasimhamurty.

Thinkistan cast –

Shravan Reddy as Hema


Naveen Kasturia as Amit

naveen thinkistan

Mandira Bedi as Anushka

mandeera thinkistan

Satyadeep Mishra as Ashiq


Neil Bhoopalam as William

Shahsank Karmarkar as Varun

thinkistan manager

Rashmi Somvanshi as Sonam

Shraddha Musale as Nina

shraddha  thinkistan

Anindita Bose as Sharmishta

Anindita thinkistan

Jayashree Venketramanan as Priya

Vasuki as Sneha


Thinkistan Plot –

This MX Player original web series revolves around an advertising agency MTMC, which is India’s biggest advertising agency. The series is placed in the year 1996 and shows us how the advertising world was back then. The introduction to MTMC is that it is a place where soap is sold as hope and cream is sold as a dream.

There are a lot of different subplots in the web series that go on simultaneously but the main plot of the series revolves around Hema who is a south Indian and an English copywriter who joins MTMC as a trainee. Another important character is Amit who is a small-town guy from Bhopal. He is a Hindi copywriter and joins MTMC as a junior copywriter. Hema and Amit hit off as friends instantly and they show a beautiful budding friendship in the series.

Soon Hema gets a lot of popularity and more attention for the sole reason of him being an English copywriter. This makes Amit furious because he is just as talented and has amazing ideas of his own but he is never recognized in the firm. How Amit manages to turn the firm into a more idea-based rather than language-based is one of the major plots of the series.
Other side plots include relationship issues between Hema and his finance Priya, homophobic comments towards Ashiq (who was gay), and sexual harassment at the workplace. Season two of the show ends with a cliffhanger leaving us wondering what is going to happen next.

Thinkistan Review –


Thinkistan is a light-hearted show. You don’t have to apply your brains a lot, it’s a casual watch. Though being a drama, comedy show, the creators have made sure that it is gripping enough to keep the audience hooked on to the show. The ideas and advertisements that are discussed in the show are amazing and blows your mind.

They have addressed some of the important issues of that time which is 1996. Homophobia is one of the important ones. Till today, Indians look down on the LGBTQ+ community. They are not respected and are constantly made fun of. In this show Ashiq Jabeer is gay and they show all the hardships he has to go through in the corporate world by his co-workers, where he is not given any sort of promotion for the sole reason that he is gay.

Another important problem discussed in this show is sexual harassment at the workplace. The advertising industry has always been ahead of its time in India. There were women wearing whatever they wanted and were independent enough to make their own decisions but there was no law against sexual harassment. The show covers that topic in a good way.

The age-old drama of Hindi vs English is shown beautifully in the series. English as a language is valued so much that the Hindi writers even though they have good ideas are sidelined for the sole reason that they don’t know English. This language disparity is shown beautifully through Amir and Hema
Overall, a beautiful series to binge-watch on a gloomy day. This show will make you laugh and cry. It will make you question things. With all the twists and turns you would just want to keep watching this show.

Where to watch Thinkistan?

The Thinkistan web series is an MX Player original. It’s available on MX player. There is a tad bit of glitch in the seasons and episodes though. There are officially two seasons of Thinkistan but when you look for season 2, you won’t find it.

That’s because, on the MX player app and website, it shows as if there are 23 episodes of season 1 but on an actual basis there are 11 episodes of season one that were released on 24th May 2019 and 12 episodes of season 2 released on 6th September 2019. Somehow there has been mixed up as one season and it has really confused the audience.
Each episode of the series ranges from 20-30 mins.

Where is Thinkistan Season 3?

There is almost no news about season 3 of Thinkistan. Since season 2 ended with a cliffhanger of whose idea will get selected Hema’s or Amit’s. So the audience is expecting another season but there has been no official news for the same.

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