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Thiravam Web Series – Review, Cast, Season 2

Thiravam Web Series


Thiravam is a regional Tamil series that is written and directed by Arvind Krishna. Thiravam is a Tamil word that means fluid as the whole series is based on the formula which is used in the preparation of petrol from the herbs that are invented by scientist Ravi Prakasam that is played by Prasanna and it seems to be a good choice by the makers to choose him for this role.


Prasanna As Ravi Prakasam
Indhuja Ravichandran as Sahana
kaali Venkat As Sahana
Azhagam Perumal
John Vijay.
Swayam Siddha
Nagendra Prasad
Moneka Siva

Zee5’s Thiravam: Plot

Thiravam is a Thriller Drama web series. It is a fictional story where the scientist Ravi invents a formula for producing petrol from natural herbs and many other people are behind that to stole that and it also includes political inducement which makes a new face to the series.

Zee5’s Thiravam: Review 

Thiravam is a drama and thriller series with some taste of science in the plot. The cast of the series is good at the point of view for choosing Prasanna as a lead character but somewhere it feels like the series is missing something it doesn’t prove to go as to the expectation. A serious drawback that is there in this series is it doesn’t have any other audio language so it’s not possible for other viewers to watch the series.

Thiravam – Episodes.

There are just 8 episodes in the Thiravam Season 1. Each episode is around 30 mins of timing which makes about 4 hours of complete series to binge-watch. 

Episode 1: The Great Escape.

A case is filed against Ravi Prakasam claiming his herbal petrol to be a scam. Even he gets Kidnapped outside the court by some unknown people and even he gets attempted to be killed.

Episode 2: Ravi Talks about the Formula.

A mafia gang is looking for the scientist and Ravi manages to escape the place and even he is monitored by the international gangster with the help of the politician. For the moment, Sahana asks for the formula to Ravi. Will he trust her and say it?

Episode 3: Scientists vs Ravi.

Ravi went to IIT to present his invention in presence of other scientists and all scientists approve the idea at first. Scientists receive a message from an unknown source and they ask Ravi to re-demonstrate the experiment and Ravi gets in some trouble.

Episode 4: Herbs and Formula get stolen.

An unknown person is seen stealing the herbal solution and other people also gets information on Ravi’s formula. He was in a hard situation where he has to choose between his daughter and his formula.

Episode 5: Doss kidnaps RP.

An unknown person is caught by doss, the gangster, that person is forced to prepare the petrol with the herbal solution. Panimalar informs Ravi that the hard disk with the formula has been stolen from her and eventually gangster reaches the Panimalar houses and catches Ravi.

Episode 6: Ravi Gets a Second Chance.

Bhaskar tries to come in doss’ way but when it moves toward the end. Ravi gets a Second Chance to prove himself. Sahana approaches Edward for safety, but she is shocked by a disclosure.

Episode 7: The Last Resort. 

Ravi gets ready to prove himself in front of the most important officials, political people, and media. But he realizes that an unsuccessful demonstration can lead him to cost badly.

Episode 8: When Mafia gets it all.

Ravi starts losing his friends and between small players, the mafia gets their hands to the formula. They plan to leave the country with it. Will they succeed in leaving the country or some other twist is left for it.

Thiravam Season 2

Thiravam season 1 was released 21st May’19 but after that, no announcement has been made by the makers of this series as for the people who have watched and liked the series would be expecting a second season from the makers as the suspense is created at the end of the series

Talking about the cast of the series we expect no change from the makers as the role of RP has been perfectly fitted, there could be an addition into the cast for new characters but before that, there should be a statement for the release of Thiravam Season2.

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