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Thor: Ragnarok Review: A perfect superhero film

Thor: Ragnarok Review: A perfect superhero film

thor ragnarok

Hey there! Are you also the Marvel fans? As we know that the Marvel fans are spread across the whole world. This article is going to be for all those fans around the world. There is a long list of films by the studio along with pending upcoming. Some of the big names are there in their bags of credit. Superhero films may not attract you. But surely, you want to check them once because of people’s love and shouts. Though this article is based upon Thor: Ragnarok review, it is necessary to give a glimpse about the makers also.

Thor: Ragnarok Cast

Thor ragnarok cast

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

Cate Blanechett as Hela

Taika Waititi as Karg

The box office

Thor ragnarok box office

Came in 2011, after that, we all know the history. Thor has captured millions of audiences around the world. Its characters are being uttered by many because the characters are good or bad which is universal. We have seen a lot of memes on the characters and that is an achievement. Don’t you think? There are indeed many superhero films but Thor gave us a different taste.

Being one of the most anticipated films of 2017, Thor: Ragnarok made the movie reach a new one. It is considered the first Thor movie which added some funny elements to it. The film was praised for its acting, Waititi’s direction, and humor. It was the third highest-grossing film of the trilogy. Made in $180 million, the film grossed $854 million across the world. We see some new cast here like Valkyrie by Tessa Thompson. Thor as the titular character is imprisoned without his hammer. He finds himself in Asgard to stop the destruction of his homeworld and also from ruthless Hela.

Director and Performers

One significant name in Hollywood right now is the director, screenwriter Taika Waititi who got an Academy Award for the screenplay of Roger Rabbit. Also, he is the director of some of the most important films. Thor: Ragnarok is one o them also as well as other films. We get him in this movie as an actor also.

Balancing between mainstream and art films, he has dug his place deep in Hollywood. There is another upcoming film from the franchise of Thor. Which is going to be released in 2022 named Thor: Love and Thunder. And the rumors have already grained strong enough. Waititi has shown us that superhero movies can have a comical element with this movie.

Another quality we find here is the proper handling of the VFX world. It was so expertly created that it looks like a real-world where superheroes are after saving the world. He plays a character named Korg, a gladiator made of rocks.

And of course, Chris Hemsworth is at his best being Thor. Besides, we get a different perspective on his character and he made it properly. Giving a neck-to-neck competition with other superheroes, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) has proved to be one of the elite warriors in this movie. Jeff Goldblum as being a grandmaster collects fighters from all over the world.

Hela (Cate Blanchette) as a goddess of death is taking over Asgard and follows the destruction of the place. She has already proved her being one of the best actors in Hollywood by winning the academy award. She always adds something new in her character like in this movie wearing antler with her strong persona who can’t be defeated at all. I saw many of her movies. Every time she comes on the screen, her magnetic persona always attracts me.

Technical Aspects

thor ragnarok vfx

Visual Effects has a huge portion of Thor: Ragnarok. It was made by Industrial Light and Magic. Some sectors were divided into many studios like Luma Pictures, Method Studios, etc. To improve the facial expression of Hulk, ILM had to work on it more than the previous Hulk movie.  By using Medusa (a performance-capture technology), 90 different expressions were captured that allowed Hulk to cover a lot of human characteristics. Moreover, we have heard about a body double.

But have you heard about digital double? Yes, it was solely created by ILM. Over 9000 buildings were created for Asgard to make a real world. Other than that, Another visual production company, Rising Sun Pictures worked on Valkyrie’s portion, especially on the flashback sequence.


thor ragnarok

Filled with so many characters, quirky flavors you won’t be bored at any time. The script is certainly made compact by Craig Kyle and Christopher L. Yost to hold the attention of the audience. In fact, the movie is all about fast-paced editing. Shots were captured beautifully. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most entertaining films which satisfy the audience’s thirst at every level. Why not call it a Rockstar movie?

Thor: Ragnarok had a great appeal to the audience. And many of us as fans of marvel superheroes will surely get attracted by this film. This is not a kind of superhero movie where everything is conventional. In fact, it creates a trail for others to follow in future superhero movies.


Direction – 4.5/5

Background score – 4/5

Acting – 3.5/5

Overall rating – 8/5

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