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Thriller Web Series list: These will keep you on your seats

Thriller Web Series list: These will keep you on your seats

thriller web series list

That adrenaline rush, the suspense, the killing drama, the tension that builds within, and the final climax as a fitting ending. Ah! The thrill of a thriller. The sudden feeling of excitement is the thrill and if there has been a sudden jump in anything in recent times it is the production of Thriller Web Series, especially in India. The OTT platforms have helped numerous productions to come up with original and ingenious ideas for the audience to consume. And given the binge-watching trend, there has been a surging rise in the demand for thriller web series.

Thriller Web Series Hindi

Inside Edge

inside edge

Inside Edge dives deep down into the business side of sports. The truth behind cricket that it is not just played on the ground but goes beyond it all. Karan Anshuman has created and directed such a showpiece that no one has dared to addressed before. Putting together the dirty side of the game, that is to say, the scandals, spot fixings, doping, and the politics, Inside Edge will take you on a whirlwind of what actually might be taking place, what you actually might not be aware of, and what you actually think is going on but really it isn’t.

Available on: Amazon



Must watch. In an age full of far-fetched and disappointing suspense reveals, Asur is one in a hundred. It is a make-believe and true in nature web series. With some on-point acting skills, sublime and stirring storytelling, the web series focuses on a couple of murders that take place in several locations across the country. It displays how the police and the CBI wrestle to solve crimes in the country. And also, how the forensics sector helps them reach the bottom of those cases. Moreover, Asur deeply talks about Indian Mythology and how it mirrors the reality around us.

Barun Sobti plays the role of Nikhil Nair, a forensic expert, and is exceptional at it. He is at the forefront and fulfills his character to the fullest. Arshad Warsi has received very little critical appreciation for his adaptability and skillfulness throughout the years. Indeed, he proves again his stability and versatility by playing the character of Dhananjay Rajput.

The rest of the cast is also phenomenal with their roles. As we see Anupriya Goenka playing Naina, Ridhi Dogra playing Nusrat, and Sharib Hashmi as Lolalark Dubey. Undoubtedly, all of them bring in their brilliance and intelligence into solving the case and were by far compelling. Shubh played by the sixteen-year-old Vishesh Bansal. Who will leave you astonished as to how he manages to portray that inner calmness and iniquity at such a young age itself.

Besides, there is a masterly planned balance between the plot and the characters, giving us enough of both. Asur is a rapturous watch that will make you think twice about the things that you already know. Also, leaving with you some very well-written and delivered dialogues.

Available on: Voot

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Code M

thriller web series on alt balaji

Code M is another underappreciated thriller web series and needs to be on your must-watch list. With so many uniformed shows around, it is such a good chance to see a female protagonist lead the uniform. Jennifer Winget is surreal with her character. She is one of the actresses we feel deserved the silver screen after having to be in the television industry for years. Probably Code M was what she actually needed, with Ekta Kapoor already announcing the filming for season 2.

The first season takes us deep into militia with harsh veracity and a misogynistic attitude, which is pretty much how every organization or firm works in the world right now. What looks like an open and shut case soon starts revealing grating signs and clues which needs a thorough investigation. The suspense is fitting, and every episode will leave with a tinge of the eagerness of what could happen next and leaves you gasping for more.

Available on: Alt-Balaji

Thriller Web Series on Amazon Prime

Paatal Lok

Thriller web series on Amazon prime

Paatal Lok is probably a courageous move that producer Anushka Sharma decided to jump for. No star names, just some brilliant performances with a well-bent storyline. Jaideep Ahlawat stands out for his central role with acclaimed applauds by the audience. The plot is gripping and will keep you at the edge of your seats.

With profound coarse language and seemingly fitting environmental aspects, Paatal Lok is a tale of three worlds that will leave you in astonishment and wonder because these things exist around you. In the end, giving away no spoilers, if you are a dog lover you should definitely watch this show, trust us.


Breathe Season 1

In the world of cinema where we have been experiencing rational and psychic forms of crime and villains, Breathe is one of the most underrated psychological thrillers in recent times. The web series is probably one of its kind where you really don’t want to feel for the antagonist but you still do, and you want the protagonist to win this one, and yet you don’t. It’s a modern-day contemporary plot that wouldn’t even have crossed your mind before you watch the show.

The creators Mayank Sharma and Abhijeet Deshpande and put together some intuitive perspective which might be too hard to be true but doesn’t take the thrill out of watching it. R Madhavan has always been a proficient actor and this series just checks it up. It’s good to see Amit Sadh in said roles and didn’t he nail this one as well. Moreover, Breathe will leave you gasping for air with some mind-boggling twists and actions.

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Season 2

Breathe into the shadows

The series titled Breathe: Into The Shadows, starring Abhishek Bachchan in the lead role and Amit Sadh returning to his role of the police officer Kabir Sawant. So, there was an ample amount of criticism for season one of Breathe because of certain loose ends and what-even style depiction of scenes. Also, season two just shot up these portrayals and henceforth the criticism as well. But given circumstances, Breathe will still give you the ride of a thrilling experience with its psychological swirls.

Jack Ryan

Jack ryan

Based on the characters from Tom Clancy’s fictional universe ‘Ryanverse’, Jack Ryan spanning over two seasons, which has been renewed further for an upcoming season, dwells with the life and adventures of the protagonist that goes by that name as portrayed by John Krasinski. It was weird at first, to be honest, to watch John invests and with guns to his hands rather than his usual tie shirt office outfit. But oh god doesn’t he grew through it all. It doesn’t take much time for Jim to embellish into Jack as he perfectly equips himself and delivers the role.

In the first season, we see Jack jammed with desk duty and soon discover certain recurring suspicious bank transactions. His on-chair job is shortly replaced with an on-field task as he peels layers of the mystery that lies in an Islamic ring of terrorists. As Jack returns in the second season he is placed in Venezuela with political machinations and crafty mendacious procedures. In near time he comes across the comprehensive conspiracy and along with his fellow mates is pulled into the action. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is entertaining and engaging with a near to perfect cast, astounding cinematography, and an acute level of storytelling.

Thriller Web Series Netflix 



thriller web series on netflix

Ozark is not to be missed! Periodt.  With such subtlety, Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams have created a drama-thriller series that is undeniably one of the most suspense-holding and mystifying watches in recent years. Ozark revolves around the life of Marty Byrde who runs a financial advisory firm with a partner. He is a family man with and two lovely kids. But all hell breaks loose after a money-laundering conspiracy which leaves them with a relocation in the vicinity of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Disorders continue to pile up as they invite more trouble with neighboring goon families and criminals. Ozark will keep you all hooked up till the end, with some intense plotlines and beautiful cinematography. The screenplay is expertly written and executed. Of course, It’s dark and devious. And surely, leave you on tenterhooks with its suspense.


thriller web series english

Bodyguard created by Jed Mercurio follows the story of Police Sergeant David Budd played by Richard Madden, who previously served in the British Army. He is assigned as a personal protection officer of the Home Secretary with whom he has his own personal ties. The storytelling of Bodyguard is very engaging and the suspense builds on you.

You’ll get right into it with its nervy and captivating opening couple of scenes. Mercurio puts together some fine pieces of puzzles with political conspiracies and action sequences. It is so good to watch Richard Madden in a lead role after what was a real disappointing outing for him in GOT. Also, his Scottish background helps him ease into the British series. Keeley Hawes plays the Home Secretary Julia Montague and perfectly fits into her character. Bodyguard is just a season-long and spreads across six episodes, with talks of a possible return on the table.

Manhunt: The Unabomber. Who doesn’t recognize that name? Being a long-time chase of the FBI for nearly twenty years creators Andrew Sodroski, Jim Clemente, and Tony Gittelson have put his story together in the first season of Manhunt. The second season covers the story of the Olympic Park Bomber- Eric Rudolph. Manhunt over the course of both the seasons is skillfully constructed and at the same time grounded in reality as well.

It carefully illustrates both sides of the story, presenting an all-out map of real events in a fictionalized version that is action-packed and riveting. Furthermore, The manhunt is by far one of the best depictions of such criminal puzzlers and it needs to be on your thriller web series watch list.

The Sinner

The sinner

The Sinner based on the book of the same name by Petra Hammesfahr follows the life of Detective Ambrose as he decodes and deciphers the enigmatic cases in front of him. Though the first season is constructed completely off of Petra’s book, the succeeding seasons were created freestanding. The acclaimed compliments and audience’ approvals have led to the confirmation of the fourth season. Finally, The Sinner is soon to be shot and released.

All the seasons are standalone with only Detective Ambrose played by William Pullman. Who is recurring to solve different unattached cases in each one of them. In addition, The Sinner has some excellent and fine detailing, a suspense-filled storyline. And a gripping narration that will keep you completely engrossed. Moreover, The Sinner is the complete thriller web series for you.

The Stranger

The stranger

A thriller, mystery, or suspense is nothing new for Harlen Coben with his lauded novels of the same genres and other analogous series’ that he has created ‘The Woods’ & ‘Safe’ to name a couple. The Stranger comes up with an intriguing and perplexing tale that will keep you on the edge. So, a seemingly perfect family of Adam Price is shaken to its roots after the appearance of a stranger. Who tells him a secret about his wife. This is pretty much the premise of the opening scene of the series without giving away any spoilers. What follows next is a haphazard drama filled with tense apprehension and bated breaths.


Bard of Blood

Thriller web series on netflix in hindi

Four Indian spies have taken hostages by the Taliban. And now it’s on the shoulders of ex-RAW agent Kabir Anand played by Emraan Hashmi. Yes, you read it right, none other than Emraan Hashmi. His performance will leave you asking questions as to why he hasn’t done such versatile roles before. Furthermore, Emraan has been on point playing the agent. Who left the Indian Intelligence Wing after a failed mission and a dead friend. And is now called back for this rescue affair which takes place in Balochistan. Where in the first place his failed mission took place. Also, now the current one seems to be intertwined with it somehow.

The web series is based on the book by the same name ‘Bard of Blood’ by author Bilal Siddiqi. Ribhu Dasgupta the director has put together some fine pieces of cinematography and background score. Seemingly fitting the story into seven episodes not too long, not too short. Undoubtedly, it’s not just Emraan as the lead role who shines. Shobita Dhulipala who we had already seen could be such a Tara in Made In Heaven. And here she is yet again delivering. Kirti Kulhari is riveting in her role of a double agent. Also, Vineet Singh gives an ideal performance for the character he was expected to portray.

Delhi Crime

Delhi crime

Delhi Crime is based on the gut-wrenching incident of 2012 that took place in the capital (India). It is thought-provoking and seemingly uncomfortable to watch. But will leave you with a sense of what actually happened back then, and what actually happens even today. It conveys the story through the eyes of the police, their perspectives, and what the policemen actually go through during such tough times. Delhi Crime has also addressed the truth of the ‘Media’. As they are not interested in the veracity of the information. But only in the first delivery of the news. Nonetheless, it is also true that the people or audience are quick to judge with whatever is fed to them.

The mainstay of the web series is the marvelous performances of the cast. With some hard-hitting dialogues and difficult-to-digest truths about our society, Delhi Crime will enrage you and at the same time give a real perspective

Thriller Web Series on hotstar


Thriller web series on hotstar

Spanning over two seasons The Hostages might just be the perfect Thriller Web Series for you to binge-watch over the weekend. With a gripping storyline, Hostages has thrill written all over it right from the word go. The plot is well built with burdened characters bringing in their own pieces to the puzzle.

Ronit Roy is stellar yet again with his prodigious performance. Which is at par with Tisca Chopra’s role as Dr. Mira Anand. The web series begins on the note, Dr. Mira Anand and her family are held hostage by a group of terrorists on the eve of her operation on the Chief Minister of Haryana. Besides, the only way that Dr. Mira can save her family is by executing the CM with just a few drops of undetectable poison that she needs to wipe on her scalpel. But can she, an ethical and principled surgeon commit such a crime even if it to save her family? Above all, time overlays are cast apart in what is a suspense-filled action-packed watch.

Criminal Justice

Thriller web series hindi

Criminal Justice is one of the Web Series that takes you on a whole lot of questions. And how-did-this-happen scenarios and then delivers those answers in the most gratifying way possible. In the past couple of years, if the Indian audience has learned and realized anything. It is the real value of the underappreciated performers. They want to see real quality content with complimentary performances. Not just the selling of movies and shows on the basis of the veteran’s colossal name tag.

Pankaj Tripathi has time and again given us mesmerizing performances. May it be a menacing goon like Kaleen Bhaiya or the comic relief role of Babulal in Luka Chuppi. Vikrant Massey is another such phenomenal actor with versatility and talent at his fingers.

Criminal Justice revolves around the story of Aditya Sharma. (Vikrant Massey) Who ends up having a one-night stand, only to wake up to the horrific murder of the girl. With no recollection of whatsoever happened, he is doomed guilty. Well technically innocent until proven guilty. Pankaj Tripathi as Advocate Madhav Mishra ends up with Aditya’s case. And what follows next is a series of events that portray the life in prison and the politics that go behind it all. It is a thrilling web series with jaw-dropping twists and turns and some spectacular individual performances.

Season 2

thriller web series hindi

The second season named Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors sees Pankaj Tripathi reprising his role of Advocate Madhav Mishra. He is tasked with an even tense and grueling case. Kirti Kulhari plays the role of Anuradha Chandra who is charged with the murder of her husband Bikram, who was a well-known lawyer himself.  Subsequently, we experience again the turmoils of the judicial system, Madhav’s quirkiness and sharp wittedness, and an astounding yet reality-driven climax. Criminal Justice is by far one of the best thriller web series in Hindi.

Special Ops

Thriller web series 2020

Neeraj Pandey has created a striking narrative designing and assimilating a fictitious storyline with real-life incidents in Special Ops. The key roles played are commendable. As we see Kay Kay Menon portrays the lead role of Himmat Singh who is hell-bent on finding a sixth terrorist to be caught. Who was also initially missed by the investigators.

The series rolls back and forth with flashbacks and addresses a number of real events that took place in the last two decades of the country. Namely, the 2001 Parliament terrorist attacks, the 26/11 terror attacks on Mumbai, and the 2013 Riots of U.P. What stands out in this web series is Neeraj Pandey’s storytelling with a couple of similar genre movies under his name. He has a shrewd and witty manner of depiction which will stay with you for a long time. Spanning over eight episodes, Special Ops is a perfect one-night binge watch for you.

Thriller Web Series List

Other noteworthy honorable mentions:

Sacred Games on Netflix

Mirzapur on Amazon Prime

Family Man on Amazon Prime

Aarya on Disney plus Hotstar

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