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Travelers Netflix: A huge hit to be on your watch list

Travelers Netflix: A huge hit to be on your watch list

Travelers, which is awarded as one of the best science fiction and fantasy series was first aired worldwide on 23rd December 2016 followed by second and third seasons in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

About Travelers

Designed by: Brad Wright

Total No. of seasons: 3

Total no. of episodes: 34

Genre: Science fiction and fantasy

Cast: Jared Abrahamson, Patrick Gilmore, Eric Mc Cormack, Reilly Dolman, Nesta cooper, Mackenzie porter.

Streaming on: Netflix

Travelers Netflix: Why is it worth watching?


As of now, we have a lot of science fiction films on Netflix, but this is considered one of the best because of its simple and convincing story of time travel. Hundreds of years from now, all the species are at risk which is not mentioned in the series in detail but to safeguard them from being endangered four people decided to send back consciousness and to insert that into the host body i.e., people from the 21st century.

This story is fresh and how people going to enter host bodies and how consciousness is transferred into them is fun to watch.

Travelers Netflix: Plot


Certain operatives are assigned to prevent society from collapsing and we refer to these operatives as TRAVELERS. These travelers enter into the host body and transfer consciousness. To transfer this they require the present location of the host which is made possible through present generation social media and networks like GPS so that these can be used for future purposes.

Each traveler should keep the host’s early life undercover for the remaining life and should carry out missions as a team. and this team is monitored by the director from the centuries after, closely monitoring its timeline. So, the main aim of travelers is to save the world from disastrous events.

And the director communicates with travelers with the help of children who are immature or way more teens. T56he director considers those children as messengers. He doesn’t kill them. he just uses them as messengers for a few minutes to communicate with travelers.

Travelers have to follow certain rules like

  • Do not kill or harm anyone unless the director directs them to.
  • Do not communicate unnecessarily with others
  • When there is no direction from the director one must save their host’s lives irrespective of the situation.
  • Whatever the situation may be, the mission comes first.

There are three more rules which are implemented based on the system

  1. Epsilon protocol is called on when the archives of travelers like latitude, longitude, GPS are intimidated.
  2. Omega protocol is called on when the director turns back on either of the reasons like the future is either fixed or it cannot be fixed even though we try hard. at the time all the remaining protocols will be directly dismissed.
  3. an alpha protocol is called on to suspend the remaining protocols when the given mission has to be completed first, no matter what the situation is.

Travelers: Conclusion


The storyline is unique when compared to other science fiction films or series. When it comes to acting, writing everything has its own distinctiveness. This series can be binge-watched on a holiday because the writing is engaging throughout the end. Though we can find the limit in the technical effects area we can observe the realness it bought to every episode we watch.

The plot of the series is well introduced i.e., about the terrifying future. By watching that the viewers come up with various conclusions on their own. We can observe that the future and past are perfectly caved in between the present with a good plot or engaging storyline and also the character development throughout the 3 seasons is so convincing, logical, and quite effortless.


Thoughtful performances from all the actors, especially eric mc Cormack, probably one of the best roles in his career. So, talking about episodes, each and every episode is fine-drawn and yet fierce and intense that will draw your attention and you don’t want to halt binging through the series. No matter how many times we watch the series it doesn’t get old. Like a good book, each time you watch the series you will be left with the same experience.

“Travelers” is confined to only 3 seasons which is streaming on Netflix. But Netflix didn’t announce any particular reason why it is halted only with three seasons.

Travelers: Ratings

Direction: 4.5/5

Acting: 8.5/10

Overall rating: 8.5/10

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