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Undekhi web series: Review, cast, and everything you should know

Undekhi web series: Review, cast, and everything you should know

Undekhi web series starring  Harsh Chhaya, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Abhishek Chauhan and directed by Ashish R Shukla. Undekhi is a crime thriller show released on Sonyliv which consists of 10 episodes. In this article, you’ll know everything about the Undekhi web series from review, cast, season 2, and more.

Undekhi web series Cast 

Director – Ashish Shukla

Harsh Chhaya As Papaji

harsh chhaya undekhi web series

Dibyendu Bhattacharya As DCP Ghosh

Dibyendu bhattacharya

Abhishek Chauhan As Rishi

abhishek chauhan undekhi web series

Surya Sharma As Rinku (Rajender Singh Atwal)

Surya sharma

Anchal Singh As Teji Grewal

anchal singh

Ayn Zoya As Saloni

Sayandeep Sengupta As Shashwat

Not Knowing Anything About Original The Office Helped, Says Sayandeep Sengupta

Ankur Rathee As Daman Atwal

undekhi web series ankur rathi

Apeksha Porwal As Koyal

GoodBye2020! Apeksha Porwal: This year taught me to live more freely, fully and unapologetically - Times of India

Vaarun Bhagat As Lucky

Vaarun Bhagat |

Apurva Soni  As Kanak

Meenakshi Sethi As Mummyji

undekhi web series meenakshi sethi

Raynu Verma As Mother

Shivaani Sopuri As Bua

Olivia Merey As Alice

olivia merey undekhi web series

Diwakar Dhayani As Inspector Dogra

Undekhi web Series secondary Cast

  • Bandana As Teji’s Friend
  • Hemant Bisht As Hotel Manager
  • Kanisha Kanisha  As Teji’s Friend
  • Babita Anant As Sunheri
  • Prerika Arora As Prerika Arora
  • Bandana Babhoria As Teji’s friend
  • Karamveer Choudhary As Kandpal
  • Gautum Das As Constable
  • Besant Ravi As Ayub
  • Farooq Shaikh As Shashwat Boss
  • Anuj Sharma As Prahlad Negi
  • Mohit Sonkar  
  • Sohail Ahmad As Drunk Man
  • Rajkumar Balijeet 
  • Sujoy Bhowmik As Sunderban Cop
  • Vinod Chandel As BM Helper
  • Aditi Charan As Young Koyal
  • Ankit Gaur As Snipper
  • Sagar Kale
  • Alisha Khaire As Jumma
  • Vilas Kishore As Snipper
  • Anil Kumar As Ambulance Driver
  • Raushan Kumar 
  • Santosh Kumar As News Anchor
  • Kunal Madhiwalla As News Reporter
  • Uday Mourya  As Jumma Father
  • Pyarali Nayani As D.I.G1
  • Sourabh Pachori 
  • Rajkumar Patel As Kanak Father
  • Pooja As Koyal Mother
  • Kuldeep Rajput  
  • Mausami Roy As Kanak Mother
  • Deepti Sahni AsHotel Receptionist
  • Anil Kumar Sen As Chandigarh Cop
  • Soumya Shankar As Abhijeet Deb
  • Simran Sharma As Saloni Mother
  • Parminder Singh As Resort Guard
  • Ahmad Sohail 
  • Vivek Srivastava As Mehrotra
  • Surabhi Tiwari As PCO Girl
  • Piyush Tyagi As Constable
  • Vanya As Jumma Mother
  • Dhama Verma As Koyal Father
  • Mansi Vinod As Young Kanak
  • Pushpa Yadav As Sarkar Wife

Undekhi web series review 

I started watching Undekhi with very little expectation but the show came to me as a surprise. Everything from the 1st episode to the final and the 10th episode looked almost perfect. The Undekhi web series is a perfect combination of good screenplay, amazing action. And of course, a nail-biting thriller which makes Undekhi a show worth watching. So let’s take a deeper look into the review of Undekhi.

The 10 episodes long show streaming on Sonyliv is a total delight to watch. The director and the writers of the show need to be praised for their amazing work. Ashish Shukla (Director of Undekhi), Varun Badola, and Umesh Padalkar (Writers of Undekhi) have done a great job creating such an amazing story that keeps the audience engaged throughout the entire series.

The story, setting, location, and the character created within the story. And everything is so amazing to watch that you’ll feel absolutely delighted. The best part about the show is its screenplay. Furthermore, the screenplay of Undekhi is on point and fast-paced which won’t let you take your eyes off the screen. Not even for a minute. Because of such an amazing screenplay, there’s no scope for you to get bored.

Undekhi Storyline 

The story starts in the mangrove area of west Bengal but soon the location is shifted to Manali. Two girls suspected by the chief investigating officer Barun Ghosh (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) are on the run from Sunderbans. And finally, find their hideaway in Manali. In Manali where a grand wedding of Teji and Danam Atwal is underway in a glamorous resort which is owned by Atwal’s.

The head of the Atwal family who is a big-time drunkard tries to get bonks with the dancers during the wedding party when Atwal/Papaji (Harsh Chhaya) shoots one of the dancers from point-blank. The party stops for a moment and continues as if nothing happened. 

Although, dancers might be disposable for Atwal’s Deputy Superintendent of Police Barun is in Manali chasing the two prime suspects from Sundarbans case, One of them is shot dead by Papaji and Another one Koyal (Apeksha Porwal) is still on run. Over the period of 10 episodes, you’ll see everything from immoral political power and persistent cop. 

Acting –

undekhi web series acting

Undekhi web series checks all the boxes from director to acting. Everything is on point. Everyone in the show has given his/her best to make it a perfect crime thriller. The performance by the actors was nothing less than perfection. But the performance of Dibyendu Bhattacharya who played the role of DCP Ghosh was one of my favorite performances from Undekhi. Also, the way he has portrayed the character of a Bengali cop who is soft-spoken. He barely loses his cool despite all the odds. Moreover, everything from dialogue delivery to the body language everything was at its peak.

Another amazing performance came from Surya Sharma who played the role of Rinku (Rajender sigh Atwal). The character of Surya is one of the reasons why you’ll be compelled to watch this series till the end. He has given such an unordinary performance that will make you hate his character, he has played a perfect Antagonist.

Next is Harsh Chhaya who played the role of a drunkard and a patriarch of a very rich and politically connected family. The way Harsh has delivered this performance I was left absolutely speechless. At every point on the show, his character was absolutely drunk and totally knocked out. Also, talking out of his senses and doing whatever he wanted to do. Consequently, he has nailed his role. 

Everything on the show is so amazing whether it is Acting, Direction, Screenplay, Writing, location, Cinematography. Everything makes you wanna complete the whole series in one go. And as soon as you complete season one, you will automatically start thinking about Undekhi season 2.

Undekhi Season 2 –

As the first season of Undekhi is left on a cliffhanger. Everyone is excited for season 2 of Undekhi. Undekhi is produced by Applause Entertainment, So the CEO of Applause entertainment Sameer Nair posted a photo on his Instagram account confirming that season 2 of Undekhi is coming. Although the photo he posted was not related to Undekhi at all, although his caption surely was.

After that Surya from Undekhi season one, also confirmed this on one of his live seasons on Instagram. That the preparation of Undekhi season 2 has already begun. But we still don’t have a confirmed release date. According to leaks Unndekhi Season, 2 might release in December of 2021.

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