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Upcoming web series like Game of Thrones: Watch out for these!

Upcoming web series like Game of Thrones: Watch out for these!

web series like game of thrones

Winter has come and gone, leaving many of us sad and empty. GoT’s final season premiered in April 2019 and since then fans have had no other option but to go back and re-watch previous seasons. That is why we have curated a list of web series like Game of Thrones that you can look forward to. 

Below is a list of over-the-top fantasy fiction tv shows that might be able to fill the void that GoT left behind. They range from darkly humorous to serious action to sci-fi futuristic settings.  

Web series like Game of Thrones coming soon 

Iwájú (Disney+) 

web series like game of thrones

It is an animated sci-fi fantasy series by Walt Disney and Kugali (entertainment co.). Much like Game of ThronesIwájú also explores the topic of class and the status quo. The main characters are most likely a boy and a girl, as per the released first look 

The word means ‘future’ and is most likely to have characters who belong to the West African tribe YorubaIt is set in the city of Lagos, Nigeria (also inhabited by the Yoruba tribe), so you can expect a lot of BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Colorrepresentation and Black Panther-like scenes. It is still in the process of filming. The show is also the first-ever independent storyline. It is set to come out in 2022. 

Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix) 

This drama is not about building a legacy but living up to one. A group of the world’s first superheroes, now old and wrinkly, have superpowered children. It is tough to live up to such legends who are still alive and thriving, albeit a little less than in the 30s.  

As the world changes, the power and responsibility shifts, the second-generation heroes struggle to keep up with the ‘ideal’, with the royalty that their parents are. In this series, like Game of Thrones, the question is how does one defeat the evil and keep the honor, how they are expected to do ‘good’ things and bring peace.  

After two years of planning and filming, the trailer was released in April this year and the series is set to go on floors on May 7, 2021. 

Loki (Disney) 

Loki is a part of the MCU franchise, exploring Loki’s character in more depth as he is taken away by the TVA, during the time heist in Avengers: EndgameMoving through time, introducing more characters and alternate universes, this show will be a rollercoaster ride. There have been a few trailers reveals that have helped in coming with a few theories of our own. But in a nutshell, this is a humor-filled fantasy drama with the beauty that is Tom Hiddleston and the Marvel Studios.  

Now, this web series might not be too much like Game of Thrones, but if you are someone who likes tangled up storylines, fantasy fiction, and action, this could right up your alley. The series is set to release in June 2021. 

The Lord of the Rings (Prime) 

the lord of rings web series

 This show will serve as a prequel to the original movie and novel. The second age of Middle-earth has evil coming towards it and that needs to be tamed. The cast of the series is still unsure, even the list of actors has been revealed. Like Game of Thrones, this is filled with mythical creatures, action and is essentially a period fantasy drama. So, this show is a fit for everyone who likes the movie, The Hobbit and GoT 

The post-production process resumed in March 2021. The show is expected to air later this year. The second season will be underway depending on the response towards the first one. 

Whatever After  

Whatever After is anthology series. It has reimagined fairy tales we all grew up with, in a modern world. With instances like online dating, real-life topics like the #MeToo movement, and Greek myth. The show is unexpected, dark, satirical, and made especially for adults.  

“Fairytales are not for children”, is the idea behind the reforming of the stories. This web series like Game of Thrones is full of fantasy and drama and brings back the stories we read as children. It is still in its post-production phase and looking for broadcasters. The trailer and three pilot episodes are available to watch on Vimeo.  

Shows in the yet to start production:  

Willow (Disney+) 

web series like game of thrones

Based years after the original 1988 film, Willow is a dark fantasy drama tv series in its pre-production stage. It centres around a dwarf who knows magic and the rescue of the kidnapped prince. Like Game of Thrones, filled with enchanted queens, a fairy tale realm, and dragon-like monsters, this show sure fits our list.  

Kaos (Netflix) 

kaos netflix

Kaos is a modern twist to Greek and Roman mythology. Much like Game of Thrones, it explores the topics of power, politics, and sexism. It is said to be gender-bending, so it is safe to say you can see ideas like feminism and patriarchy, with a hint of dark humor, in practice on the screen. There is no more information on the subject as it is still in its pre-production stage (since 2018) but stay tuned for more updates.  

The Chronicles of Narnia (Netflix) 

the chronicles of narnia

In 2018, Netflix acquired the rights to the C. S. Lewis books. It has a ‘multi-year deal’ which means that we will get to see a reboot version of the Witch and Wardrobe and the Silver chair (an abandoned project). The fantasy world of Narnia will come to small screens in some time as it is still in its pre-production stage.  

Other honorable mentions

Similar other shows to look forward to are Halos, Horns and TacosThe legend of HAN Empire: Resurgence, and The Wheel of Time 

More GoT-like shows that are already airing that you can watch right now are Shadowhunters (Netflix)Black Sails (Prime)Sparctus (Prime)The Last Kingdom (Netflix)Once Upon a Time (Disney+) and Disenchantment (Netflix). 

Let us know if you agree with our picks and which one you’re looking forward to the most.  

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