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Voot Web Series: 9 Voot web series you must watch

Voot Web Series: 9 Voot web series you must watch

voot web series

With the theatres taking a backseat as an entertainment provider during the pandemic times, it has been the OTT platforms surging through handing out quality content at the comfort of their own homes for the audience. Amidst all available online video, subscriptions are Voot, which is run by and accessible only in India. Voot announced its paid subscription back in February of 2020. Which is tagged as ‘Voot Select’. Voot Select subscription rate is Rs. 99/- per month currently. And if you are to avail of it for a year it would cost Rs. 499/-. Here are some of the web series on voot that you could get your hands on.

9. The Raikar Case

voot web series

Based on Goa, The Raikar Case follows the lives of the large family ‘Naik Raikar’ when the youngest of the family Tarun is found dead. The police rule out suicide as a possibility and conclude that it was a murder, a murder within the family. As the investigation progresses, deeper and darker secrets are discovered of the powerful Raikar family.

The cast has been phenomenal throughout the series. Atul Kulkarni plays the role of Yashwant Naik Raikar, the head of the family. He runs a cashew business. A hand in politics and is highly convincing on his part. His wife’s character of Sakshi is played by Ashwini Bhave who brings her set of experiences into her portrayal brilliantly. Etasha (played by Parul Gulati) and Mohit (played by Kunal Karan Kapoor) are the two heirs who carry the right amount of profundity for their respective roles. Honey Kamboj plays Tarun Naik Raikar around whom the whole story revolves. Neena Wadhwa is Lily D’Silva Naik Raikar, i.e Tarun’s mother, who has already lost her husband and daughter in a car accident previously, and now her son as well. SP John Pereira is played by Neil Bhoopalam who immensely gets into his character to find out the truth behind all this mess.

In conclusion, the Raikar Case is very indulging with its set of twists and turns to make it a perfect thriller watch. Directed by Abhishek Sarpotdar the characters are well complexed and built and it will leave you wondering till the last, whodunit?

8. Marzi

marzi web series on voot

Marzi starring Anurag Saraswat and Aahana Kumra in lead roles is based on the British series ‘Liar’ (2017). Aahana who plays Sameera Chauhan is a school teacher. Sameera has recently gone through a bad breakup with her fiancé. She meets Anurag Saraswat (played by Rajeev Khandelwal). Anurag is a surgeon and they both go out for a dinner date. Soon things take a wild turn for the night. Later on, Sameera accuses Anurag of rape charges, who himself is a respectable personality of the society and things don’t seem to have gone that way. For Sameera, she is already going through depression after her parent’s death and everything seems to be at a standstill for her.

It’s a typical case of he said she said, which dives deep into the behind-the-scenes of a rape- victim-blaming, the trauma, and the societal judgment. Directed by Anil Senior and written by Radhika Anand for the Indian version. Above all Marzi captures and brings about a stirring tale with the scenic beauty of Shimla and some captivating individual performances.

7. Crackdown

voot web series craackdown

The crackdown is the story of a couple of RAW agents of the Directorate of Operations (DO). It is a wing of the agency that gets the job done, in any possible way. They just do not need to eliminate the possible threat of terror attacks. However, there is someone on the inside who is doing the damage as well.

Saqib Saleem, Mohammad Iqbal Khan, Rajesh Tailang, and Shriya Pilgaonkar are the lead cast of the web series. Rajesh Tailang works as the head chief of RAW and is accomplished and adept in his role. Shriya Pilgaonkar takes forward her acting career from a more subtle easy-going Sweety in Mirzapur to a more demanding and valiant performance in Crackdown. Both Saqib and Iqbal Khan were promising and riveting in their respective roles. As the web series will keep you on your nerves with its unexpected twists.

Apoorva Lakhia has debuted on the online platform and has impressively narrated the story. However, he is able to prolong the suspense and retain handing out the necessary swirls all the same time sustaining the thrill of the web series.

6. It’s Not That Simple

voot webseries its not simple

Directed by Danish Aslam It’s Not That Simple puts together gender dynamics and power in a good meld story of a woman and a man, and another man, and an additional man. In other words, it’s Pati, Patni, and Woh but the Patni runs the show.

Starring Swara Bhaskar in the lead role she drives the series forward with her quaint staging an outright show business. Supporting her are Karan Veer Mehra, her husband: Vivan Bhatena, her childhood friend; and in the second season. We see the addition of Sumeet Vyas and Purab Kohli. The entire star cast should be lauded for their near to perfect capture of their respective characters.  Above all, t’s Not That Simple puts a well-narrated plot with its set of twists and turns to keep the audience engaged. Addressing different misogynistic and patriarchal ideas that women face on a daily basis, it’s a good refresh Voot web series spanning over 2 seasons and 14 episodes in total.

5. Shortcuts

voot webseries

Shortcuts present twelve different stories ranging from twelve to twenty minutes long. The show is a perfect and easy watch with its fair bits of drama and thrills. The twelve short films are named as follows: Joyride, Ishq ki Googly, Bouma, Chacha and Cheetah’s trip, Derma, Red Velvet, On the Road, Teaspoon, An Unusual Day (Aun), Grey, Maya, and Glitch.

The stories range from different languages to the different states bringing in tales of love and loss, supernatural and spooky, anthology, and the vivid layers of today’s modern society. From road trips to cancer stories, murder to coincidences, Shortcuts has everything for everybody in a quick watch.

4. Timeout


Written by Jaya Misra and Danish Islam and directed by the latter himself. Timeout is an intriguing story of a couple who suddenly face a break in their relationship and are left with questions and more questions. Tahir Raj Bhasin as Rahul and Sarah Jane Dias as Radha take the center stage of Timeout as they have been trying to have a baby for a long time now.

A year and a half later when Radha finally does pregnant. After that Rahul utters the most unexpected and unwanted thing Radha wants to hear, ‘I don’t want a baby. And then melodrama, breakdowns, breaks and stops, questions and answers. Rahul faces a mess and not only is his family life in crisis, he now has no satisfaction with his job and life in general whatsoever.

It’s all ifs and what’s as Rahul and Radha navigate their relationship in this modern drama with stellar performances and a tightly knit plot.

3. Illegal

illegal voot web series

The latest Voot Select web series Illegal dives into a courtroom drama, hanging tough between the characters and the case. Neha Sharma as the lead role of Niharika will send you wondering how she did not land up with a better selection of movies under her belt, as she is absolutely impeccable with her subtlety acts.

Written by Reshu Nath, Illegal is a well-narrated tale with strong characters. And an equally powerful plot to keep you glued to it episode after episode.  Director Sahir Raza has brilliantly portrayed the room of justice by not sticking to the clichéd representation over the years of the same.

In conclusion, the selling point of Illegal is the well-built and strong characters. May it be Neha Sharma – the Mad Lawyer, or her opposition lawyer Puneet Tandon (played by Akshay Oberoi) who is shadowed by his own father’s success and dealing with his set of emotions. Piyush Mishra as the shrewd and elegant lawyer from Delhi is untarnished in his character. Even Kubbra Sait as the death row convict brings in emotions of melancholy which is essential for the plot.

2. The Gone Game

the gone game voot

If you’re a fan of experimentation and originations, The Gone Game might just be the right web series for you. Shot and released amidst the pandemic, the web series follows the life of a covid patient played by Arjun Mathur who is so ill that he needs to be hospitalized. He is later declared dead.

His father (Sanjay Kapoor), affectionate sister (Shweta Tripathi), and wife (Shriya Pligaonkar) all come into play now. Since he was a COVID patient before his death, his family does not get any access to his body and are all locked up in their own homes respectively. As the plot untwirls they realize that Arjun was murdered, and he could not have been actually a COVID patient in the first place itself.

Written and directed by Nikhil Bhat. We are all praising this web series for the sheer confidence with which they went ahead with this. Shots are filmed on video calls and dialogues are exchanged via phone calls and social media. Making The Gone Game so very pandemic-based and easy to acknowledge. Spanning for four episodes, this voot web series is a good watch with fine storytelling and an ample amount of thrills and suspense.

1. Asur

asur voot web series

If anybody asks us to suggest an Indian web series right now, it has got to be Asur. It will send chills down your spine with its sheer plotlines and characters. as the web series blends and melds reality with mythology. The series focuses on a couple of murders that take place across the country and how the experts struggle amidst certain cases.

The casting and their performances are on point. Barun Sobti as Nikhil Nair the forensic expert is sublime and exquisite with his role. However, it is so good to see Arshad Warsi play the role of Dhananjay Rajput. As he once again shows his sheer class and versatility with it. Vishesh Bansal steals the thunder from everyone as he nails his portrayal of Shubh.

He sure is one to look out for the future. The rest of the cast includes Ridhi Dogra playing Nusrat, Anupriya Goenka playing Naina, and Sharib Hashmi as Lolark; who bring in their own set of experiences and acing performances.

Asur is a well-built storyline with some hard-hitting dialogues and heart-wrenching reality. It’s a must-watch Voot web series right now.

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