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Web series like Money Heist: Loved Money heist? Watch these!

Web series like Money Heist: Loved Money heist? Watch these!

web series like money heist

Did you desperately want to smack Arturo upside the head? Or fell head over heels for the Professor? Well, the 5th season is still away, and to help with the craving we came out with our own curated list of web series like Money Heist. 

We all remember the crazy rollercoaster we went through while binge-watching, what is now a classic, La Casa De Papel. It was one of those shows that got you hooked from the start and now it is like a cult. And the anthem Bella Ciao.  

As the creators are wrapping up shooting and preparing for a September release this year, e did our own digging and found shows to keep you occupied while you wait.  

Killing Eve (2018 – 2022)  


A series with a female lead, this has the perfect balance of ‘seduction and surprise’. A female assassin, a British MI5 agent, and psychopathic tendencies. It is a story where both our leads fall for each other and forget about their jobs, then face the consequences. 3 seasons full of idiosyncrasies, sizzling sapphic chemistry, masculine energy, suspense, and action, Killing Eve was awarded the best series of 2018. The show has a cat-and-mouse chase game, like the web series Money Heist, set to keep you on edge. 

Sandra Oh, as the MI5 agent; Jodie Comer, as the assassin; and Fiona Shaw, as fellow agent; have been praised for their amazing performance in the show. “Deeply indebted to film noir,” perceived Angelica Bastién for Vulture‘Film Noir’ is a term used to describe Hollywood crime dramas empathizing with sexual and cynical themes.  

The final installment (including all episodes) of this series will come to BBC America, and eventually on Amazon Prime in 2022.  

Zerozerozero (2020) 

This one is a miniseries about a large drug shipment meant to go overseas. Amid the exchange between a Mexican drug lord and the Italian mafia, an American family is the broker and trying to get the shipment across. The web series is like Money Heist due to its fast pace, negotiation, and a whole lot of action. It is about loyalty, unforeseen circumstances, and spies on the route that lead to an unhappy mafia leader.  

Critics say the plot unites three separate stories into ‘one massive saga’ bound to leave an impression on the viewer long after it is over. Shot all over Mexico, Morocco, the US, Senegal, and Italy, the show has some amazing locations and fighting scenes. And what is better than the Italian mafia, family drama, spies, drug wars, and a life of luxury combined into one mind-numbing action sequence?  

All episodes of Zerozerozero are available to stream on Amazon Prime. 

Fargo (2014 –) 


After a movie of the same name back in 1996, this dark humor crime series is somewhat connected to it. With characters, backstories, new and old events, and more developments, Fargo, the series, has time jumps in each season. The story still majorly revolves around detectives, criminals, and crime. With an interconnected web of links, this series is sure to keep you entertained throughout.  

All 4 seasons seem to be disconnected at first, but if you watch closely, you can see the building blocks of the next/previous season. For example, season 2 is a prequel to season 1. It has a healthy dose of dark jokes and guns. My favorite from the trailer is “If you like the setup, you’re gonna love the punchline.” 

The series is available to watch on Amazon Prime (all 4) as well as Netflix (3). 

Snabba Cash (2021)  


Snabba Cash follows a single mother who wants to be successful and rich for herself and her son. In the race of it all, she gets caught up with thwrong crowd and that follows a series of fights, money laundering cases, and fear. This Swedish Netflix original is on the list due to the suspense, emotions, chase, and thrill it provides through the life of Leya and Sami. It shows a near-perfect picture of the Swedish Mafia (real, actual mafia, not the musicians). 

According to IMDB, users have highly appreciated the show commenting on its direction, acting, and plot. Some called it realistic and others heartbreaking and intriguing. Adapted from the book of the same name despite a movie already out, this is more of a reboot for the central characters and themes of the novel in today’s world. It appears the series will not return for another season as the ratings were not as promising.  

The 6 episodes of the series are available on Netflix 

Narcos (2015 – 2017) 

It is a biographical crime drama about the biggest drug lord in history, Pablo Escobar. The story follows the rise and fall of the man and moves on to another rising drug cartel, Cali Cartel, only focussed on ColumbiaSo far, there have been 3 seasons of the show (2 for Pablo and 3rd for Cali). The makers of the show made a spinoff in the form of a companion series Narcos: Mexico, focusing on the rise of the drug trade in Mexico.  

Even though the show received a chunk of positive reviews, the authenticity of the culture and language was highly criticizedIf you liked the fiction behind Money Heist, you sure will like this non-fiction piece of work, more realistic and less extreme.  

All the 3 seasons are streaming now on Netflix. 

Extracurricular (2020 )  

An extracurricular is an activity a student takes up apart from academics. Most people get into art and similar fields but Oh Ji-soo is not about the arty life. He runs an illegal business to support himself enough to ablto go to college. Throw in estranged and pressurizing parents, fellow classmates, and law enforcement, you have yourself a teen crime drama.  

This Korean Netflix Original has the chase and action viewers had gotten from Money Heist. The show has been praised for depicting the true struggle of being a teen student and how life treats them. The second season has been postponed (we know how 2020 has treated us all) but is still in the works. 

The 10-episode series is available on Netflix. 

Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega (2020 –)  

You must have heard the adverts for this show over Spotify (hello my fellow freeloaders). The story is based on a true-crime story about a group of youngsters, who run a phishing racket. The boys managed to scam people from all over India, all the while sitting in a small city in Jharkhand. It all seems to go well for them until a corrupt and powerful politician wants to take over and the police get involved. It a fight for power and money in Jamtara and it will get you hooked. 

The Hindi Netflix Original is all set for a second season, releasing soon. It received a majorly positive response from the audience as well as critics and why not trust the experts on it?  

Watch the series here. 

Other honorable mentions

Other similar shows are Dirty Money (Netflix), a docuseries unveiling the infamous scandals of Donald Trump; Prison Break (Disney+ Hotstar), a story of one brother helping another innocent one out of jail; and Raktanchal (MX Player), about gang wars.  

It is impossible to have all series listed and watched. So, let us know if you have watched any and if it fits in the list. Also, try to find the parallels between these shows and Money Heist and tell us what you see. 

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