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Web Series like Stranger Things: Watch something similar, not same!

Web Series like Stranger Things: Watch something similar, not same!

web series like stranger things

If you’re here, you have already finished bingeing Stranger Things over and over. And now for a change, you would like to stick to a new series. But you also cannot get over Strangers Things right? We got you covered. Here are ten web series like Stranger Things:


Dark will dispatch chills down your spine with its storytelling and witty plot. The series is created in German lingo and presents the tale of three generations, of the same people. Yes, it’s not a typo you read it right. The audience and critics also tagged confusion on the series, but trust us, once you get on the rollercoaster and start your journey with Dark; it’ll be one hell of a ride. The suspense and thrill, definitely make it a web series like Stranger Things. And well without spoiling anything, even locations, the plot unfolds and character behaviors are similar.

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars aired back in the 2004s as a teen mystery drama. She played by Kristen Bell took on diverse cases under her belt with the help of her private investigator father.

The series ran for three seasons and then was canceled, but later in 2014 returned on the silver screen as a motion picture. Hulu in 2019 put together an 8 episode fourth season with the return of several cast members from the previous seasons.

Veronica Mars has a good storyline that makes you keen to watch just another episode. The series follows a case per episode format, and all the while a larger case keeps unfolding in the background. It has enough mystery, suspense, and thrilling plots that pleases the audience, and also balances it with its share of emotional and comic aspects.

Umbrella Academy

Umbrella Academy revolves around the family of billionaire Reginald Hargreeves who adopts seven kids that each upholds a potential superpower. Hargreeves trains and turns them into a superhero team ‘The Umbrella Academy’ in order to save the world.

Cut to the present that is seventeen years later; the kids have turned adults and come back together after the death of their father. Secrets lie buried as they try to find the real veracity behind his death, slowly revealing the different truths that they have buried amongst themselves as well.

Umbrella Academy is built on its fiction world with superpowers, a time traveler, a talking chimpanzee, conversations with dead spirits, and much more. The series passes the visual appeal and has intense suspense to keep the audience hooked. If you loved watching the fictional world of Stranger Things, you’ll pretty much end up liking The Umbrella Academy as well.

Sense 8

Sense 8 is the story of eight strangers who suddenly get connected to each other by a telepathic mother. They are soon able to access each other’s knowledge, languages, and even skills. The first season explores the lives of these eight and their quest to finding out why they are connected as such. Soon different organizations and powers jump in and we explore more about the ‘sensates’.


The adventures of Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica continue on from the Archie Comics to the silver screen, as they go about solving crimes and murders, finding answers to unexplainable questions, going through teenage romance and friendships, and then some dark and supernatural elements to add to the already fascinating drama. Riverdale airs on the CW network but is also available to stream on Netflix.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Another teen drama but it comes with the worlds of earth and hell mixed together. Sabrina is born a half-witch half-mortal and is left to choose between the two worlds. She battles her way dealing with the Dark Lord on one hand, and on the other saving her family, friends, and town from the threats that they face.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has got a well-talented cast and some beautiful picturesque locations, and it is successful in creating such a vibe that will take you right back to Hawkins town.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | All 3 season discussion + What to expect?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review: Riverdale writers are back

The Society

The Society is a high-end teen drama at its best. A group of young adults from the town of West Ham embarks on a ten-day trip but it is soon canceled due to a roadblock and they return back to their town, only to find out that the town is not the same as before.

The whole town seems to be deserted and they soon discover that they are surrounded by forest lands on all sides and left with no connection whatsoever to the outer world. And hence they embark on an adventure to find out truths all the while dealing with their relationships amongst themselves as well.

Locke and Key

Following the death of their father, the three kids along with their mother move to their father’s family home ‘Keyhouse’ in Matheson. The children soon discover that the house is nothing ordinary. And that there are certain mysterious keys all over the ‘Keyhouse’.

These keys subsequently open doors magically to anywhere. They soon get caught with a demonic entity who is behind those keys as well to use it for evil purposes. The plotline, magical elements, and graphic representation will take you back to another series that you watched earlier, Stranger Things!


The Town of Pretty Lake gets affected by a mysterious disease that slaughters the elders. To be more specific everyone above the age of twenty-two. Pretty Lake struggles with the government as it raises a barbed wire around the town as the town teens are now left struggling on their own.

Nancy Drew (2019)

Nancy Drew based on the books makes another appearance on television this time played by Kennedy McMann. The first season revolves around the murder of a fellow woman from the town. But when Nancy gets accused of the murder, she and her friends take it upon themselves to solve this murder mystery.

Nancy and her teen friends solving mysteries and breaking suspense, with some supernatural elements to invigorate it. Umm, sounds like a series that Stranger Things fans would absolutely adore! This is really THE show if you are finding web series like stranger things.

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