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Friends : Why this sitcom is still popular?

The most popular sitcom which was first aired on 22nd September 1994 on NBC, is still the top most sitcom of Netflix. Is it so good? Let’s see!

Friends: What is so special about it?

friends series

First of all, it’s unique writing. Now we know that it’s a sitcom, but believe me, they even had a unique naming for there episodes, and people even loved that.

Every episode started with “The one with/where” and boy, wasn’t that smart of them. (Like… OH! Let’s make the naming of the episodes unique too!)

Even though we would know just by reading the name of the series that what’s inside, their lots of more surprises to it.

Friends: What makes writing unique?

First of all, every single character has their unique style and their own unique emotions. They have different ways of portraying their friendship.

friends series

Chandler can always be sarcastic and mean, but always was there for joey and everyone else. He even paid, almost every time, for Joey. Him being sarcastic was so funny that people still do his impressions. (Could he be more fun?)

friends series

Joey can be immature and innocent, and he can die for his friends. (literally!) Being so ambitious about his dreams and, well… food, his innocence can make you laugh, even tear up with a smile! (And he doesn’t share food!!!!!! )

friends series

Monica, the one who has suffered teenage obesity and wasn’t much loved by her parents, is ambitious, well-disciplined, and caring. Like when you have seen worst, you know that you gotta be good with everything, that’s Monica. (And she is not a cook! She’s mom!)

Phoebe, on the other side, is carefree! This little weirdo can make you laugh even talking SCIENCE to you. (And don’t even get her started on gravity). Can do no bad, is straight forward, and knows how to find happiness in little things! ( If you ask me to define freedom in one word, I would say PHOEBE)

Ross, the one who is prince charming for his parents. According to his parents, he can do no wrong, but well, he is the unluckiest! But this genius, who loves dinosaurs, also knows how to love! (And he’s fine)

friends series

Rachel, well, she’s a spoiled princess! She is innocent in her way, playful, and doesn’t have a ” Job thing”! She’s beautiful (And so are other girls in show but hear me out) and still struggles to find love of her life! (Nooooooooooo 🙁 ).

Another thing is the special guest appearance in different characters! All of them made the show so so so special, that no one could imagine that other temporary characters can bring so much to the show. Winnona rider, Bruce wills, Reese Witherspoon and so many other characters gave a lot to the show than just being a temporary character.

Friends: Why it is still on Netflix and Comedy Central?

This blockbuster sitcom now has the hearts of millions. The show is so famous that it is watched more than some other new series on the same platforms. The first thing is it is a comedy show, and who doesn’t want a good laugh? The show is even called stress reducer because it’s good comedy timing.

This show still makes each actor 20 million per year, i.e all six character gets 20 million for reruns! (Can you imagine?)Not gonna lie, Netflix had decided to remove the show at the beginning of 2020 but refused to do it.

And all of us know the reason why? Like, come on! Who would not wanna make money just by rerunning a show! It makes all of us happy, the main caste, Netflix, and even us! (So everyone wins! Shut up!)

And comedy central is all about funny shows! Even its name has comedy in it! So why not! Not just Friends series but Comedy Central reruns lots of old sitcoms, and it doesn’t harm anyone. Rather everyone enjoys that 90s vibe! (So again! We all win! It makes all of us happy!)

Friends: What is Friends Reunion?

We all know that 2020 May month was gonna bring us a reunion. We all were excited because we would have got to see them back together, even Mathew perry was gonna join the reunion this time.

But then a huge pandemic came and it all went into viruses. (Fork you corona)We all know that there have been reunions before but what made the 2020 one so special.

Yeah, one reason was Mathew perry, our good old chandler bing, the sarcastic king. But this time, the caste was gonna do a live episode of FRIENDS! Like a drama! Which was gonna be fully unscripted, no plans, no topic, but just them getting into characters and, naturally act!

But of course, the caste promised that as soon as these ugly times get over, they would be doing a reunion, and they will do an unscripted play! And we all have been eagerly waiting for this and we will surely get it! (let’s hope for the best now!)

Friends: Will it stop airing?

Well let’s be clear, the show has to go down one day! I know it still fun now, and maybe future generations will watch it too. But let’s get in mind that with time, it may happen that the definition of comedy for people will change. There can be better shows than FRIENDS . Maybe even now there are, but it what is chosen by people.

And also, we just talked about them getting a reunion, and doing an unscripted play, are they trying to give something to new to the fans, which also one thing that adds to the list that why it hasn’t got down yet. And after this, the show definitely will get a chance to make it more memorable, and make people go watch it, 1000th time now!

If people will continue to love it and watches it no matter what, the series may stay between us. But it happens rarely. The show will die! If not now, maybe anytime in the future, but of course it will. But of course, there will be many platforms people will still get to watch it. Like we watch some 70s or 80s films on YouTube.

Tell us what you think about this sitcom? Is it worth the hype it has got? Or it’s just drama? Comment down your favorite sitcoms down below and their favorite scenes!

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