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Why were cornflakes invented: The weird story behind the origin of cornflakes

Why were cornflakes Invented?: The weird story behind the origin of cornflakes

Kellogg’s cornflakes are one of the most popular cereal brands available in the market and it is loved by millions of people around the globe because it’s an easy and convenient option in everyone’s busy lives. But have you ever wondered why were cornflakes invented?

The origin story of Cornflakes

Why were cornflakes invented

The origin story of cornflakes has an amazing backstory to it. So let’s take a look at the amazing origin story of cornflakes. Do you know that most of the amazing inventions happen by mistake?

Yes, this too is no different except the fact that John Kellogg wanted to create a vegetarian plain subsidiary of breakfast that people could eat. But why does he wanted to create a plain vegetarian subsidiary breakfast? To know that, let’s see Why were cornflakes invented?

Why were cornflakes invented?

Why were cornflakes invented?

John Kellogg the inventor of cornflakes was a health activist in the united states of America and he was a hardcore believer of clean living. In 1876 he created a sanitarium in battle creek, Michigan. Where he used tells his patients to stay away from alcohol, meat, sugar, and sex.

According to john Kellogg if someone wants a healthy lifestyle he/she should not consume alcohol, meat, sugar, and should not be involved in any kind of sexual activity. He used to believe that alcohol, meat, and some other food items are unhealthy.

And these food items can increase sexual desire in people. So he wanted to create a breakfast subsidiary using cereal and nuts which he believed could curb the sexual desire of a person.

So he started working on his anti-masturbation breakfast but soon after he started working on his mind-blowing idea, he realized that he needs someone to help him create his amazing anti-masturbation breakfast.

So he called his brother “Will Kellogg” and asked his brother to join him in creating a breakfast subsidiary that could make this world a better place……lol. Anyways his brother “will” agree to join him and started working with him on his amazing discovery.

So now you have an answer to your question Why were cornflakes invented? But the story of how cornflakes were invented is no less fascinating than Why were cornflakes invented? So let’s take a look at it.

How cornflakes were invented?

Why were cornflakes invented?

Okay, let’s continue our story, So “will Kellogg” was now helping his brother john Kellogg to create his anti-masturbation plain vegetarian breakfast. But his role wasn’t just to help him with the invention. His brother john started treating him like a servant to do all his work.

Will Kellogg used to shave his brother, cook him food, and work on his invention. John Kellogg actually said “I use my brother as a foot warmer in the winter”

Anyways, one day “will” and “john” were working on their recipe for their great breakfast with the wheat dough, but while working on their invention they had to leave to attend some short of pressing matters at the sanitarium. So they left the kitchen but while leaving the kitchen they left the wheat dough open in the kitchen.

And when they come back to continue working on their invention they realized that the wheat dough has gone stale now they had two options either they use the same stale wheat dough or start the process again. Because they were running low on the budget.

So they decided to use the same dough for further processing. They passed the dough through the rollers expecting the dough to get converted into the sheets of dough. but when they passed the dough through the rollers the flakes came out.

So they started serving the flakes to the patients at the sanitarium and these flakes became very popular among the patients among the sanitarium. So, the Kellogg brothers started working on the flakes made from different grains like corn, rice, etc. And this is how cornflakes were invented.

Transformation of cornflakes

The old cornflakes were not as interesting as it is today, but it has transformed over a period of time and evolved to what it is now. So let’s see what actually happened that created 1st modified and better version of cornflakes.

Now everything was going fine the Cornflakes was really popular among the patients in the sanitarium except the fact that John was treating his brother like a servant. One day Big C. W. Post industrialist visited the sanitarium and John Kellog showed him the cornflakes and took all the credits for the invention of cornflakes and this is when things went really wrong.

Kellogg toasted flakes company

Will Kellog left his brother and John Kellogg sold over a million boxes of his cornflakes with C. W. Post But the same time Will Kellogg started his own company “Kellogg toasted flakes company” and modified the recipe of cornflakes by adding sugar. And the new recipe of cornflakes containing sugar got so popular that it made Will Kellogg a big industrialist within the span of no time.

But Will adding sugar to the cornflakes hit John’s ego so badly that he filled a lawsuit against his brother for the name of Kellogg. Both brothers kept fighting over the name of Kellogg for the next 10 years.

And finally, Will won the case in the federal court of the united states. This was the amazing origin story of cornflakes. So the original cornflakes didn’t have any sugar and it wasn’t really eaten for the reason we eat cornflakes these days.

This was the story behind why were cornflakes invented and if you liked this Origin story of Cornflakes please do let us know in the comments below. It really motivates us to keep telling such stories.


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