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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020): A Non-Spoiler Review

Wonder Woman 1984: A Non-Spoiler Review

Wonder Woman 1984 is the long-awaited sequel to the first Wonder Woman film released back in 2017. In the movie, we find Diana Prince living in Washington DC, many decades after the war during which the first arrived at Man’s World. She lives a solitary life, spending all her time either at work or helping people like Wonder Woman.

When her ex-boyfriend Steve mysteriously comes back from the dead, Diana must investigate the forces responsible for his return which leads her to face threats, unlike anything she’s dealt with before.

Wonder Woman 1984: Direction and Cinematography

After directing the first Wonder Woman in 2017, it is no surprise that Patty Jenkins signed on to work on the sequel as well. The first Wonder Woman was a remarkable and glorious movie that easily resonated with audiences not only as an amazing comic book movie but just a great film in general.

While both movies are directed by the same person, Wonder Woman 1984 looks like a completely different movie. Take for example Zack Snyder’s work, he directed Man of Steele as well as Batman V Superman. Both of those movies seem like they take place in the same world and have the same feel to them.

Wonder Woman 1984 is a lot more vibrant and colorful than the first movie. This refers not only to the shots and look of the movie, but also the whole mood in general, even the story. The first movie had a sense of seriousness to it while everything about the second one just seems tonally brighter. It’s a completely different adventure.

Although the movies do not feel the same, Wonder Woman 1984 is still brilliantly directed. Right from the opening, the movie draws you into its world with a sequence that leaves one in awe of just how great the Amazons are. It reminds the audience of the magic in the Wonder Woman movies.

Patty Jenkins has mentioned wanting to make a streaming show about the Amazons for HBO Max. That show can’t get here fast enough, because after watching this movie all Wonder Woman fans would gladly spend five to six hours on beautiful and scenic Thymescira.

At the end of the first Wonder Woman, Ares destroyed Diana’s sword. While Diana can get by just fine with her lasso, the sword and shield do make their absence noted. The action sequences in the first movie were so grand and jaw-dropping, even though the lasso had it’s part to play, it was the sword and shield that made them truly exciting and gave them the extra “oomph”. The action in this movie is good, and at many times great. But there’s only so much one can do with a lasso.

Wonder Woman 1984: Theme

The first Wonder Woman was about looking beyond what divided humanity. About making a choice between the light and darkness that lies inside us. That theme was one of the many things that made the film as monumental and amazing as it was.

The second movie tackles questions about what virtues are valued by humans. The messaging in the movie does leave its mark. Making people think and ponder about what true growth is.

What is interesting, is that Diana finds herself in the same place as the rest of the world in Wonder Woman 1984. In the first movie, Diana has a greater moral high ground, her values and principles showed the world and the other men around her what the world could be with more peace, compassion, and understanding.

In this movie, Diana finds herself in a moral struggle just like those around her. She is a lot more human and a little less Amazonian in this movie as compared to the first.

Wonder woman 1984: Story and Characters

Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot has done such an amazing job portraying this character over the years that I could not imagine anyone else taking this role and playing it as well as she does. Unlike the first movie, Diana has become a lot more mature in this one as a result of spending time in Man’s World.

But even though she is emotionally closed off as a result of living alone for decades, her heart and compassion still shine through just as before. Diana’s journey in the movie is extremely heartfelt, this movie makes her character a lot more vulnerable than the first one. Wonder Woman has always been extremely lovable, but the film makes it a lot easier for the audience to sympathize with her struggles and feel the up and downs the script puts her through.

As for the golden armor teased in the trailer, it is even more impressive than one could imagine and does not disappoint. Diana gets a few power upgrades in this movie and they are ever so spectacular that it is difficult to choose the best one. After watching the movie, it is very clear why Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe.

Steve Trevor

Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is just the best guy that Wonder Woman could ever partner up with. His role was so important in the first movie, not only because it was great for the audiences to watch such a cool character, but also because of how it plays into Diana’s personal growth. And it’s the same case here.

Now I have to say, that I am personally not one for romantic movies. They often bore me and always result in me rolling my eyes at the screen rather than “feeling the love”, or whatever of that sort. However, the scenes with Diana and Steve spending time together in this movie are so heartwarming that even the toughest critic of romantic movies would find them touching at the very least. Many people online have commented about the movie-making them cry, and there’s one scene between Diana and Steve that is so moving, that I can completely understand why.

If romance films were more like Wonder Woman 1984, I think they’d be a lot more watchable. (But that’s just me)

Barbara Ann Minerva AKA Cheetah

Wonder woman 1984

Kristen Wiig is a popular SNL alum, and a great actress. It is her performance that makes Barbara amicable and relatable at the beginning of the movie. Throughout the rest of the story, Barbara has probably the most interesting and compelling arc as compared to the other characters. Wiig amazingly portrays all the many stages that the character evolves through.

While I really like Barbara as a villain in this movie, and hope to see more Cheetah in upcoming DC movies. I personally did not like changing the Cheetah mythology from the comics. The source material has quite a different take on how Barbara transforms into one of Wonder Woman’s greatest foes and the movie does not show that journey, as well as the comics, did. The comics also develop a more complex relationship between Wonder Woman and Cheetah, while the movie attempts to do this quite well, it doesn’t match up with the original.

Maxwell Lord

While I really liked Pedro Pascal in this role, and also like the character as shown in this movie. I have to say that the character is nothing like Maxwell Lord from the comics. The only thing they share in common is their name. I hope this does not become a trend in DC movies where characters are adapted in “name only” while all their other qualities and personality traits are changed for the movie.

This was also the case with Black Mask in Birds of Prey. The arc and role that Maxwell Lord played in this movie were important and quite good. But why call the character Maxwell Lord if he is nothing like Maxwell Lord? He could just have any other random businessman name and it would all be fine.

I would like to clarify that while the character worked well in this movie, it is just hard to get over the many differences and creative liberties taken in bringing this character to live-action, especially compared to how he has been depicted in the comics.

Wonder Woman 1984: CONCLUSION

So Wonder Woman 1984 is a good movie with a lot of heart and a really relevant message that is sure to stay with many after they’ve watched the movie. Even though the movie has a few flaws and its logic does at times falter, it is after a piece of fiction and not a documentary. There is still plenty here to love that will make this movie well worth the watch.

Wonder Woman 1984: Ratings

Acting: 4/5

Direction: 4.5/5

Background score: 4/5

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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