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You Season 3: What can we expect?

You Season 3: What can we expect 

You was premiered on a lifetime on September 9, 2018, and was then picked up by Netflix and launched on December 26, 2018. You season 3 has been confirmed by the cast, but there is already so much to look for. Why wait then?

YOU: Netflix series


You is a psychological crime drama series that is produced by Warner Horizon Television and then became a popular thriller to binge on Netflix. The first season is based on the 2014 novel by Caroline Kepnes named “Hidden bodies”. It is about a book store manager named “Joe Goldberg” who falls in love with the customer “Guinevere beck” at first sight. (Well yeah, that escalated quickly)

It is then when the situation gets weird and we get to see the creepier side of Joe. He starts to stalk beck and manipulates her to fall in love with him.

You: Why the show was greatly appreciated?

Story writing

You Season 3: What can we expect?

The writing of the show is mind-blowing. The first season makes us think that it’s all predictable but every time comes up with a huge twist. It is then we know that Joe is something more than he seems and can do something dangerous. But well, we can’t still say it’s predictable.

You Season 3: What can we expect?

As we already talked that first season is based on the novel “Hidden Bodies” by Caroline Kepnes staring Pen Badgley, Elizabeth lial, Shay Mitchell, and Amber Childers. Moving with the show, we not only figure what joe is but also beck’s friend peach. Beck is unfortunately so beautiful that even her best friend is obsessed with her. And talking about manipulation, this girl shows her how much she cares for while she’s the one destroying it. (It’s like that one thing where someone waits for the goons to attack the girl so they can save her to be her hero, but in this case, she is both.)

Although figuring out what Joe is and he has murdered several people around him, to get back, the show creates this sweet little side of his where he helps this cute little child, paco, in a case where he is alone with his divorced mom and her abusive boyfriend. He kind of gives him books to read and stuff to eat, etc etc.

You Season 3: What can we expect?

Unfortunately, beck is dead. And yeah, our very favorite Joe Goldberg killed her, but who cares, we all know that we were digging for joe, even paco did. (Accept it!). Because this show is all about his commentary like a dialogue where we tend to believe that, well, he had no choice. Of course like the show is called “You” for a reason. This character Joe always tends to talk about a second person (beck) and what is he doing for her, even if it’s killing people!

Also, the show writers and directors claimed that them naming the show “You” also had another creepy reason behind it. Because whenever someone asks someone who is watching the show that what they are watching, the person comes up with “I am watching you”, and if that doesn’t sound to you like a stalker, I don’t know what does! (Genius! Creepy kind of Genius!).

You Season 3: What can we expect?

The second season had a big switch between characters. After the death of beck, joe moved out and decided to have a new start as Candance was constantly after him to show his truth to the world. And hence he found love. Like yeah, true love as he claims, but also love. He fell in love with the chef named, “love”. So the second which was different, and not from the book, and was still genius, had Victoria Pedretti, Jena Ortega, Carmella zumbado, and James Scully replacing some of the previous characters.

The season didn’t change its prediction level and was as full of surprises as season one. Joe claimed that he will never fall in love again, but then we figure out that he specifically moved into the flat for love, because her apartment was seen from the place he moved in. But he acted that he is not really into her but was into her and she was too.

This time joe saved Delilah and Ellie from Henderson, who use sexually assaulted girls getting them drunk. But joe is a superhero and has a kind heart against kids!

You Season 3: What can we expect?

Then we move further and boom, love is not any less of a psychopath. Candance told her that what really joe is by caging him into his cage, and well, love killed candace. Then we came to know all that brother and sister love and what was the matter with Forty. And he also killed ex-love. And she also killed Delilah (Woah! She is a woman with graceful secrets!)


Penn Badgley, who plays the role of Joe Goldberg, has done a mind-blowing job of making us believe that he is a psychopath and can do anything for the love of his life. (He is Charming though)

And we can’t disagree with the fact that the reason this show was a huge success is Joe Goldberg. Even though stalker’s love story is said to cringe these days, this guy turned the world. The audience loved him so much that he suddenly crossed over a million followers. Even though he has acted in popular shows like Gossip Girl, his real recognition came through the show “YOU”.

Thanking his audience on Instagram he said, “Guys, I woke up with a million followers, and…and. I don’t know how to… Cuz all it took me is to murder people, you all get out of here”. Well, bad guys did have a great last year we all know that, but well, we can’t disagree with the fact that only an actor can make us love a villain.

You Season 3: What can we expect?

Victoria Pedretti, who played “love” in the second season, also did an amazing job of putting out “love” as a natural character. Playing two roles of an innocent widow and a psychopath lover is not as easy. But this girl had it all.

We have seen her in the huge big show, “The haunting of the hill house” and was amazing in that as well, this girl has no plan to stop yet. We all know that what an amazing actress she is, and she keeps proving it over and over.

And well, other characters like peach, Mr. Mooney, Candance, beck, forty has done there job as amazing, lifting the show to another level. We could talk about the whole cast but it would be a long huge article.

YOU season 3: What can we expect?

Where joe discovered that love is as psycho has him (Duh!), he thinks that he has been in love with a different girl this whole time. But at the wedding, he accepts love’s love and moves in with her. And he also discovers that she is pregnant with his baby.

In the last scene, where nor the viewers are sure and neither joe himself, that is he still in love with love, he comes across this neighbor girl, who is reading a book, and here we go again with “Hey, you”(Well, forgot to mention but every single one of his psycho love story has started with this phrase)

There have been certain theories like, it’s beck and she’s back to take revenge. But we all knew what we saw. But well if writers want to bring her back, they can, but we all saw joe killing her and completing the book.

And well even Ellie has been put away from joe, and she still thinks joe killed Delilah, so maybe, it’s someone who Ellie knows and she could be taking revenge of her sister.

But we all know now that there is one more psycho in the show and what will she do when she finds out that he is in love with another woman. Will she kill joe? Or maybe we will see her going up on her madness.

What are your theories about the neighbor girl? Is she back? Or we would get to see love getting crazy, losing joe? How excited are you for You Season 3? Comment down below!

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