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Your name engraved herein (2020)- Movie review

Your name engraved herein (2020)- Movie review

Love is love and needs acceptance by none except the person you love. In the same context, homosexuality is not a disease. The backward society which considers the LGBTQ community as a taboo is unscrupulous. In this modern world, even when same-sex marriages are legalized, society is still a little hesitant to accept that homosexuality is normal.

Of the few LGBTQ films in the history of Taiwanese cinema, Your Name Engraved Herein is the most beautiful and heart-rendering film which is inspired by true events from the life of the director, Kuang-Hui-Liu which is streaming globally on Netflix from December 23, 2020.

Let’s have a look at the review of this film in this blog.

Your name engraved herein: Cast and Crew

Director: Kuang-Hui-Liu

Screenplay: Chu Yu-Ning

Cast: Edward Chen, Tseng Chin-hua, Leon Dai, Mountain Kao, Fabio Grangeon, Lotus Wang, and Jean-Francois Blanchard.

Music Director: Yanis Huang and Chris Hou

Your name engraved herein: Plot

Your name engraved herein

In 1987, as martial law ends in Taiwan, Jia-Han, and Birdy, two schoolboys fall in love with each other amid the homophobic society and social shaming. Will they ever be able to confront society for their love?

Your name engraved herein: Direction

Kuang-Hui-Liu is a genius. The film is based on his own story. In an interview, he says, “This is about my first love, and my first love happened to be a story of a boy liking another boy.” The story and the transitions in the characters are absolutely praise-worthy. Although the story gets a little dull halfway through the film but manages to entice the audience towards the end. The film, on the whole, has been successful in conveying the emotions beautifully.

Your name engraved herein: Acting and Music

Edward Chen plays the character of Jia-Han. I’d want to say that this man is absolutely brilliant at what he does. You can literally feel the emotions in his eyes. His character holds in a lot of rage, fear, and guilt. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this young actor has been able to put across whatever the character needed in his performance.

Tseng Chin-hua plays the character of Birdy Wang, the love interest of the Jia-Han. I loved how consistent Chin-Hua was throughout the movie. He has put himself into the character in this film which is very evident.

The music, in this film, is amazing. The soothing, meaningful, and emotional songs are heart touching. You just get carried away when the songs get played on screen. It nearly takes you to another world where the pain of losing your loved one to society is manifested.

Your name engraved herein: Conclusion

Your name engraved herein

Your name engraved herein has definitely clicked as the chemistry between the leads is just beautiful. I cannot really deny the fact the movie is soulful and emotional. “Everyone’s first love is kind of an Epic story”, you’re surely going to get reminded of your first love after watching this masterpiece.

I highly recommend this film as the movie does not only portray love between same-sex but it also shows the bullying faced by homosexuals and the struggles faced by them for acceptance. I hope that people will be more comprehensive and respectful of the LGBTQ community after watching this film.

Your name engraved herein is a beautiful film that is realistic in its nature and is a winner because of the fantastic plot and commendable performances. This intimate and romantic film portraying the honest struggle of loving someone and not being able to be with them because society is going to leave you in tears. An excellent watch if you’re looking for something different and fresh concepts in movies. 

Your Name Engraved Herein: Ratings

Direction – 4/5

Acting – 4/5

Background score – 3.5/5

Overall rating – 8.5/10

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