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ZeroZeroZero review: Is it worth watching?+ Episode breakdowns

ZeroZeroZero review: Is it worth watching? + Episode breakdowns


Some movies are so absorbing on OTT platforms that you can’t leave it without watching them fully. The plot could be simple but hats off to those makers who create completely complicated movies. One of those movies is Zerozerozero. It’s not exactly a movie but a series available on Amazon Prime.

Zerozerozero: Plot


Based on the book of the same name by Roberto Saviano, Zerozerozero is an Italian television series directed by Stefano Sollima, Janus Metz, and Pablo Trapero. It was premiered on television on 14th Feb 2020 but before that, it was screened at 76th Venice International Film Festival.

“Powder that’s all you see when you look at cocaine”- As the episode starts with heavy dialogue, it already gives you the subject of the series. The creators of this series have shown us the business of drug dealing with minute details. The brutality in the business has been portrayed fantastically from the first episode. How the well-established people are connected to it has been exposed here also. It has been shot in places such as Mexico, Italy, Morocco, the USA, and Senegal.

We see the surface only. There is an intricate world in the drug market. There are buyers, sellers, brokers, and users who are entangled with each other. What we see from the above is shallow but the inside is too deep.


Zerozerozero: Cast and Crew

Director – Stefano Sollima, Janus Metz, and Pablo Trapero

Writers – Roberto Saviano

Cast – Andrea Riseborough, Dane DeHaan, Harold Torres, Giuseppe De, Gabriel Byrne, Adriano Chiaramida

Release date – 14/02/2020

Spoiler alert: Ignore the Episode breakdown part if you haven’t watched the show yet.

Zerozerozero: Episode breakdowns

zerozerozero 2020 amazon prime

Episode 1 starts with the drug leader, Don Minu orders cocaine to check his status in the criminal world. A group of soldiers led by Manuel Contreras is after the drug leader. Some brutal scenes give you a clue to the world of the drug. Every actor is good enough to maintain their rhythm.

Episode 2 shows after Edward’s death, Chris steps over his father’s business. Gordo, on another side, is making his root stronger to gain profit by killing his obstacles. Music keeps your attention till the end. Some compelling scenes are so attractive that can create a sensation in you. The first 2 episodes are directed by Stefano Sollima.

Episode 3 comes with the chaos of the world of Chris in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. On another side, Don Minu is determined to show his power over the mafia world. The fast-paced editing style claims to be another important factor of this series.

Episodes 4 fills with Chris and Emma find their cargo. On another side, Manuel is spreading terror among the Narcos.

Episode 5 starts with Stefano shoots his arm and saves himself from Don Minu’s army. On the other side, Emma and Chris get caught by a group of jihadists when crossing the desert. Chris gets detached from Emma but at the end of this episode, they come together again. From 3 to 5 episodes is directed by Janus Metz.

Episode 6 shows that working with Leyras brothers secretly we see that Manuel is making his army to capture Mexico.

Episode 7 gives us a glance that the enemies Don Minu want to undermine the boss. The only way to make this is to stop the shipment. On another side, Chris and Emma are safe but destiny has something different waiting for them.

Episode 8 Don Minu tries to pay more to maintain his power over the group ‘Ndrangheta’. This last episode shows the dilemma of Minu and Manuel.

Zerozerozero: Conclusion

zerozerozero series review

This series claims to be a live feed of the drug world. Three stories come together in one series. DeHaan’s intense character makes the series stronger. Andrea Riseborough’s performance is remarkable here. Both of them push the series ahead.

The stunning and breath-taking shots by Pablo Carnera and Romain Lacourbas can make a mark inside you. If you are obsessed with crime, drama which deals with drugs, mafia, then this movie is worth watching.

Zerozerozezro: Ratings

Direction – 4.5

Background score – 4

Acting – 4

Overall rating – 8.5

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